The New “It” Bag by Tory Burch: The Taylor Hobo

Every now and then something comes in we love so much we decide it warrants a little special attention. Such was the case when this embroidered hobo bag by Tory Burch arrived. We swooned, and we fawned over it, and we carried it around–reminding ourselves that our customers always get first dibs! So, this is your chance.

Tasseled, braided, and stitched: Vibrant geometric embroidery amplifies the earthy vintage style of this spacious hobo topped with braided handles. Its hold-all silhouette is crafted from colorfully detailed linen and features interior pockets and the brand’s signature logo.

Wear it with Mother jeans, an Ulla Johnson dress, or Veronica Beard jacket–it will make everything in your closet a little more summer-ready and carefree. Call 703.548.7105 for pricing or other questions.

New Tory Burch Markdowns: Flats, Sandals, and More!

If you can believe it, we will soon be getting our first resort deliveries from brands like Tory Burch. Resort as a season has evolved beyond just printed flip flops and woven wedges for warm weather winter vacations. It has even evolved beyond glittery sandals and velvet pumps for the holidays. Resort now proffers more practical styles such as booties, flats, and sneakers. To make room on our shelves for all of the above, we have made a handful of markdowns including these styles of Tory Burch shoes and a few bags that are not pictured. Shop now while the getting is still good!


Coming Soon: Hart Hagerty Tassel Earrings

by Christen

Some days, I wake up with barely enough time to run out the door and am lucky if I manage to shower. Other days, I magically pull it all together and actually look the part of boutique manager. This post and outfit resulted from one of the latter. Inspired by an Instagram post I had come across the night before, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear upon waking. I had plenty of time that morning to leisurely prepare for the day, and managed to curl my hair, steam my clothes and carefully apply my makeup. It all resulted in what has become one of my favorite outfits…ever.


The benefit of having a photographer friend who lives about my place of business is that I can request a few quick photos when I feel the need to document something. I needed to document this outfit. After all, we had everything but the skirt and the earrings in store and the earrings were on order. I had the photos taken and put it on my to-do list to publish them at a later date.



The problem is that between then and now (and it’s been less than week!), we have actually sold out of the sweater. I hesitated to use the photos at all, but then it dawned on me: this post doesn’t have to be about the sweater. It can be about my favorite new red Rag and Bone loafers. Or it can be about the circle frames by Tory Burch that have sadly not yet found their forever home. Or even better? It can be about the Hart Hagerty tassel earrings (designed by my friend Hart Hagerty) that we just ordered and should arrive well in time for the holidays! Yes, that’s what it should be about!


Hart is actually the sister of a good friend (and my former boss) from South Carolina. She started by designing beautiful jackets, two of which I have owned for years and love more than a person should love garments. When she launched her collection of tassel earrings I knew I had to own them too and snatched up a red/pink pair and a pink/yellow pair. Equally enamored with them, Elizabeth asked if Hart would carry to The Shoe Hive and, well, the rest is history. They retail for only $54, come in a variety of styles and colors, and make the perfect gift–whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else!

All of the earrings are handmade and we ordered a bunch, so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks until they arrive but we will be sure to let you know when they do. And in the meantime you can start thinking of the many ways you want to wear them!


A Sunglasses Story

Every now and then, you reach a point where merchandise you’ve carried for years starts to feel stale. It stops selling as quickly as it used to, and there is just a general sense of being “over it.” A few months ago, we reached that point with our sunglasses. We’ve carried the same handful of brands for years. Furthermore, many of the most popular styles are made every season and we would buy them for the store every season.

It made sense to us that we would revamp our sunglasses selection when we decided to open The Hive–our new clothing store at 301 Cameron. After some heartache (a favorite brand turned us down) and some research, we brought on new brands Krewe (very on trend and based out of New Orleans) and Tom Ford (total luxury and glamour).

To introduce you to our new brands and to show some love to our older ones, we decided to launch a promotion running today through Sunday on all sunglasses.


You can read about our journey in deciding on and acquiring Tom Ford on Alexandria Stylebook today, and below Christen picked her top favorite styles of Krewe, Tom Ford and Tory Burch. Can you guess which styles belong to which brand?