New Spring Buys: This Season’s Loafer

If street style blogs have confirmed anything this year, it’s that loafers are a stylish staple right now. Looking for a pair of your own? The Shoe Hive is always well-stocked in loafers with styles ranging from comfortable and easy-to-wear to luxurious and on trend. And they are available in a variety of price points. Keep scrolling to see and shop the shoes you’ll covet this season.

New Spring Buy Loafer

On Mixing Metals

Mixing metals can be tricky, and many of our customers are still unconvinced that it can be done well. However, metallics are now the new neutrals and mixing them enables us to get even greater use out of the pieces that we love. So, for those of you who would like to give this trend a try, we’ve put together three simple tips to follow:

1) Pick a dominant metal. When mixing metals, it is important to ensure that one stands out more than the other. If you are stacking bangles, for example, select two gold and one silver.



2) Add a touch of texture: matte, brushed, polished or hammered. This will add depth to your outfit and make each element pop!

Photo May 26, 3 29 06 PM

3) Do not shy away from pieces that have both silver and gold. They’ve done all the hard work for you.

Photo May 26, 3 27 27 PM

If you are still lost, think of it like this–75% of the dominant metal and 25% of the subordinate metal–and you can’t go wrong!



On Pom Poms and Pilgrims

by Christen

Elizabeth and I just returned from New York last week where we worked our way through The Shoe Hive’s Fall 2015 options. It’s kind of frustrating that while spring styles are currently on shelves inside and snow falls outside, we are already jumping ahead to the second round of cold weather in this calendar year. I also think it can be confusing to our customers, so I hesitate to write a post on fall trends given that spring has not yet even sprung. Still, I do think there is benefit in knowing what trends are ahead of us in order to make smarter purchases in the moment. Why invest in a peep-toe platform now if the trend is only relevant for a few more months? So, here are a few takeaways from our trip.

Pom Poms
It started at Dee Keller–a new-to-us line that will debut in just a few days. I met this gorgeous fur-ball-topped suede flat and promptly fell in love. And then I encountered a pom pom on pumps at Butter and again at Bettye Muller. I am completely infatuated.

Photo Feb 03, 11 22 11 AM

I don’t know, however, how much you’ll see this style represented at The Shoe Hive. We’re just not convinced that it’s something our customers will find wearable or something they need in their closets. Considering fur pom poms are a representation of a greater trend–fur, we decided to go in a slightly different direction. Instead of topping our shoes with fur, we will be filling them. Come September, everything is fur-lined. Everything. So, even though you might not see a fur-ball-topped flat at our store, you will see plenty of fur-lined boots and booties, both practical and luxurious.

Photo Feb 03, 4 24 36 PM

Only two appointments in, and Footwear Magazine approached us to give them our take on what we had seen thus far. I felt a little caught off guard since I hadn’t yet had time to absorb very much. We discussed the continued prominence of the bootie over the boot. But I also casually threw in my personal hunch that the pilgrim look will be strong. I happen to have been right. For the next two days, every designer showcased their take on the pilgrim. Buckles, square toes, and short chunky heels: pilgrim is now posh.

Photo Feb 04, 4 35 35 PM

Photo Feb 04, 5 51 06 PM

We’ve known for a while that merlot was circling back around as the color for fall. Personally, I’m a little over it. It was only two winters ago that everyone was all about “oxblood.” And I don’t care what you say, oxblood and merlot are not that different. However, if you are looking to inject some color into your fall wardrobe, this is the way to go. Merlot functions as a pseudo-neutral, meaning it will match just about everything you already own. And particularly in suede, it always looks luxurious.

Photo Feb 03, 4 24 09 PM

The final two trends I felt were worthy of recognition are mere extensions of popular styles we saw this year: the sneaker and fringe. This time the sneaker is either high-topped and round-toed, or slip-on and pointed.

Photo Feb 03, 10 15 43 AM

Photo Feb 03, 4 24 43 PM

And fringe? Well, you can put it on just about anything and call yourself trendy in 2015. Except for maybe a sneaker.

Photo Feb 03, 2 46 56 PM

Trend Report: The Return of the Mule

The mule was very popular last Spring and Summer, but the trend was a little less refined in its interpretation. This go-around, we are seeing straps of contrasting sizes at the ankle and toe, and a slightly lower heel (stiletto or stacked) to ensure walkability. Sarah Hyland was spotted in Stuart Weitzman’s version, but we have a personal penchant for Sam Edelman’s more versatile (and much more affordable) take on the trend, currently at The Shoe Hive. Stop by and try it on in your size. You’ll love how wearable and flattering it is!

Sarah Hyland

The Wonder of Wolford

by Christen

All I’ve heard about Wolford since I started working at The Shoe Hive in April is that they are the best tights ever. They feel great on, they don’t run and they last forever. Or so our customers say. I have to admit that prior to my Shoe Hive arrival, I was not familiar with the brand beyond mere name recognition. So, I spent several hours yesterday familiarizing myself with our Wolford selection. I was in for a lesson in luxury.

I was first impressed with the variety. Variety in weight, pattern, color and fit. But then this morning I arrived to work wearing a new dress. The dress was much lighter (read: sheerer) than I thought, which I only discovered after having left my house. I decided to snatch up a pair of the black Wolford shorts so I didn’t feel quite so exposed. As I write this, I’ve been wearing them for 8 hours and I can honestly say that I get it. I get why our customers are so enamored. I haven’t once felt uncomfortable or restricted. I will definitely be investing in a few other pairs of various lengths before it gets really cold–probably a black patterned stocking and the opaque tights in a couple of colors.


And of course, minutes after I had put on my new “shorts,” a new-to-the-Hive customer unknowingly commented on our Wolford selection as well. Just this morning she read a review of Wolford’s Mat Opaque 80 on Refinery29. The author claims that after aggregating sales data, editorial recommendations and product reviews, the Mat Opaque 80 was named the Best Black Tight. The very best, folks. So there you have it.

PS: I searched for the review, and it looks like it was published in February of this year. Here you go.