Shoe Spotlight: The Lowland

It seemed like a no-brainer to bring in Stuart Weitzman’s iconic 5050 over-the-knee boot to The Shoe Hive a few years ago. And, sure enough, every fall season we sell out of the style. We call it the magic boot; the 5050 makes all women look longer and leaner no matter their height or size.

The same cannot be said of the Lowland, however. We knew that when we bought it for the store. The Lowland, also by Stuart Weitzman, is several inches taller than the 5050, taking it from over-the-knee to officially thigh-high. That description often carries with it Pretty Woman references causing many of our shoppers to dismiss it altogether. But while we recognize that the thigh-high look isn’t for everyone, we do encourage all of you to keep an open mind and try it on.

First, this is not just any thigh-high boot. Stuart Weitzman’s craftsmanship is exceptional. The proportions of the boot are perfect, and do indeed create a long and lean line for those who wear it. Loosely fitted around the ankle as well as against the thigh with an adjustable tie in the back, the boot balances pear and apple shapes while flattering more boyish figures too.

Stuart Weitzman A

Second, the Lowland is flat. This is key in making this style appropriate and versatile. Wear these boots under a knee-length shift dress and blazer for work and they are both functional and on trend. Wear them over denim and top it all off with a cozy cashmere sweater and oversized scarf for a Saturday afternoon. Opaque tights and a mini skirt for date night. A sweater dress and a little bling for a holiday party. The options are endless.

Stuart Weitzman C

The Lowland has been spotted on a host of celebrities, models and street style bloggers. But, to us, the most important test for the Lowland has been our customers. And this is what we found: That everyone who has been willing to try it on, chooses the Lowland over the traditional 5050! We admit to being a little surprised, but can’t say we aren’t pleased! Next time you’re on the hunt for a pair of black boots try on the Lowland. You might be surprised too.

Stuart Weitzman B

The Hunt for Hunters: Part Two

While our first post on Hunter boots covered the variety of styles the brand carries, we realized that might not be all you need to know. Here are a few other tips and tricks that we share frequently with customers who own or are looking to own a pair of Hunters:

– What are those grey spots?
After a while, your Hunter boots will start to look cloudy. This is actually a result of the high quality rubber used in making them. The natural rubber experiences a vulcanization process as it makes contact with air, causing the discoloration. Some of our customers like this rustic look. If you don’t, there is an easy solution. Go to your local auto parts store and purchase Armor All (also available on Amazon). Massage the product into the leather with a cloth and they will look brand new. To prevent the cloudiness from ever happening, you can treat your boots with the Armor All regularly.


– Are they good snow boots?
Well, yes and no. The traction on the bottom of the boot makes it ideal for snow and rain. The problem is that they are not particularly warm. There is no lining built into the boot. Hunter has remedied this with their Welly Socks that come in a cariety of colors and styles, as well as their shearling insoles that provide the wearer with additional luxury, warmth and comfort. Both of these products are available at The Shoe Hive.

– What size would I be?
Hunters are only made in whole sizes, making the fit complicated. Typically, they run large and we recommend that shoppers size down. If you plan on wearing a Welly Sock and/or a shearling insole, you might get your size or a half-size up even. To determine your size, it is always best to try them on.

The Hunt for Hunters: Part One

We get more phone calls about Hunter boots than any other brand we carry. Our Hunter boot board on Pinterest always gets the most repins. What started in Edinburgh in 1856 with only four employees has grown into an internationally recognized brand. From functional farm and field use to outfitting soldiers in multiple wars the Hunter boot is now a fashion icon. They are clearly very popular, super functional and everyone has a certain finish or color they hope to find. There seems, however, to be some confusion when it comes to the types of widths, heights and styles that Hunter makes. So here’s a little bit about the brand and a quick breakdown in case you are on the hunt for Hunter boots.


The Original Tall is Hunter’s classic boot and the design is instantly recognizable. It is a pull-on style with no zipper that hits right below the knee. This durable rain boot comes in a matte or glossy finish.


While the Original Tall is the most popular, it can be hard to wear for those of us with athletic calves. Enter the Huntress. The shaft on the Huntress is about an inch shorter and an inch wider than the Original. The Huntress is made of a new soft rubber compound so it is also a little more forgiving.

At The Shoe Hive, we are slowly phasing out the Huntress though because the brand has two other solutions that we think are better options:


If you are short with athletic calves, consider the Hunter Original Short boot. With the same design as the Original Tall, the shaft of the Short does not restrict your calves. The shorter height also makes getting them on and off easier for those of you with high in-steps.


If you are tall with athletic calves, the Adjustable Tall has a small adjustable panel and buckle at the back of the boot, making the size customizable. You get the look of the Original, but plenty of room.


The Original Chelsea Boot is made for women and features a clean and modern design. It is a pull on style like the taller boots but is easier to get on and off with the side elastic panels and pull-tabs. This is a good choice for those wanting a lighter everyday option or something that is very on-trend.

Hopefully the Hunter selection makes more sense to you now. If you have any further questions, never hesitate to give us a call or stop by the store!

If these shoes could talk

There are sneakers. And then there are sneakers. Most people default to Converse, but aren’t you getting a little tired of seeing them on everyone? We have been longtime fans of Supergas–the ultimate, classic sneaker. The Italian sneaker.

To prove our point–that Supergas are the coolest sneakers out there–the Olsen twins, Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore collaborated to create the best How to Wear It video we’ve seen since our own. They found five style setters from all walks of life to demonstrate the sneakers’ versatility. And if you’re still not sold, come on in to The Shoe Hive and try on a pair for yourself.

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 7.51.07 PM

Shoe Spotlight: Dr. Scholl’s Original Collection

Back by popular demand: the original collection by Dr. Scholl. William Scholl was an inventor and entrepreneur who created products to comfort feet. In the 60s, he designed a simple wood sandal with a brightly colored strap inspired by a vintage clog he found on his travels. He set out to make a shoe that was good for one’s health and ended up creating an enduring fashion icon. Today, with the belief that function and fashion should always be in perfect harmony, the company designs for your everyday life in the real world.

SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13

Not everything you find at The Shoe Hive will be practical, but we understand that our customers need practical shoes sometimes. Our customers are professionals, moms, athletes, artists and more. All of them–all of you–at one point or another will want to slip your feet into a shoe that is as effortlessly comfortable as it is stylish. There is no need to look anywhere else. Dr. Scholl’s are returning to The Shoe Hive soon!

SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13A SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13B


Shoe Spotlight: TKees

Everyone is loving our TKees, and my goal in putting these looks together was to show you how versatile they could be–casual evening affair, daytime birthday bash, and the kids’ Saturday morning soccer game. After finishing the three looks, however, I realized that I am clearly loving a very specific color palette this season: coral and golds mixed with greens. Can you blame me?


TKees // Jacquard skinny pants // Silk-crepe top // Earrings (Asha by ADM at The Shoe Hive)


TKees // Neon embroidered organza t-shirt (Sold out) // Palm-print mid-rise skinny jeans



TKees // Neon-trimmed cashmere sweater // Silk shorts