A new line, a new trunk show. It all starts on Friday.

Starting this Friday, October 16, we will be introducing our customers to the newest jewelry line at The Shoe Hive: Tara Montgomery Jewelry. Based out of Charlottesville, this mother of two young kids, oncology nurse by day and jewelry designer by night handcrafts truly unique pieces using slate, wood, and hammered gold.

ONO (1)

This weekend, view her entire collection and receive 20 percent off her line. If you stop in between 1 and 5 on Saturday, October 17 you will get to meet the designer herself!

Tara Montgomery Product

See the star above? That’s the necklace we’ll be giving away to one of the lucky trunk show guests. It is stunning on its own and makes a great layering piece. No purchase necessary, just pay us a visit and we’ll take care of the rest! The winner will be announced on Sunday at 530PM.

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Girl Crush: The AGL Sisters

I’m certain you know by now that one of our favorite brands at the Hive is AGL. Italian leather, superior design, and flawless execution. It simply doesn’t get better. The brand decided to up its social media game recently and has been following the three sisters who run the company as they travel recently. We truly had no idea they were this cool:


Meet the AGL sisters: Sarah, Vera and Marianna.

Sarah was born in 1978 and is the eldest of the three. She has a degree in business administration and has been the sales department head for well over a decade now. Vera is just two years younger. She graduated with a degree in communication and joined the family business in 2003. Her goal as Creative Director and Communications Manager? To make AGL a truly great brand. We believe she has succeeded. Finally, there’s Marianna, the youngest and according to AGL’s website the “most talented of the Giusti sisters.” She was born in 1982 and lives and breathes shoes. Apparently, she has been designing them since childhood. In 2009, their father Attilio gave her the opportunity to design for AGL, prior to which he had been the exclusive designer. As the AGL designer, Marianna hones in on styles that are both modern and representative of the brand. Needless to say, now that we “know” the AGL sisters, we love their shoes even more!





New to the Hive: Jenny Bird

Rural Ontario native Jenny Bird has got your lady bling problems covered. Self-taught in accessories design, Bird got her start in New York City’s garment district, creating a capsule collection of luxury handbags which garnered rave reviews and a coveted trunk show at Henri Bendel’s. But after the market crashed in 2009, Bird needed to take her career in a different direction. After her first jewelery collection, she knew it was “divine intervention” that forced the change in focus.

Five years later, Bird splits her time between NYC and Toronto, and is inspired by women of the world. She believes she’s found the perfect balance between uptown finish and bohemian spirit. And we definitely agree, which is why we now carry the line at The Shoe Hive!


1. How did you get started as a jewelry designer?

The market had crashed, and the brand needed a new category to survive (the Jenny Bird line started with bags). I had taken jewelry making courses and loved it. From the first collection I knew it was a natural language for me. It was divine intervention from the universe that forced the redirection, and me onto my intended path.

2. Describe the woman who wears your jewelry.

The women who wear Jenny Bird are free-spirited, confident and feminine (with an edge). They are often style leaders among their friends and colleagues at the office and enjoy looking “of-the moment”, but never want to look overtly trendy. They have a strong sense of individual style, love pieces with a bohemian spirit, and relate to the philosophy “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

3. My fav pcs:
I had to choose 4;)

– Kundali Serpent Studs

Everyday. It’s just so nice to find a stud that isn’t boring. I love wearing statement necklaces and so find these are the perfect touch to finish my look, without competing with my necklace.

It’s also the Year of the Snake and wearing serpents is therefore very lucky and empowering, so I’m enjoying harnessing that power. On the days I wear them, they give me a base of female warrior energy to take on the day and accomplish what I set out to!

(these next three in your Oct delivery/.…but I figured you’re likely waiting to put the post up until you have it all in?)

– The Long Horn Collar

What can I say? I GASPED when the final sample came out of the factory. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a necklace. I haven’t taken that first sample off.

– The Rite of Passage

I’m in love with the mesh component and the movement it gives this piece. It’s just so unique – I love that it’s both feminine and edg, both boho and rock and roll…all at the same time. I have the silver and it will be the staple I wear with my leather moto jacket throughout the Fall

– Illumina Earrings

Again because I’m in love with anything netted or mesh right now and love the movement it gives these earrings. I think if a girl had the Serpent studs above and these, she’d be set for the Fall/Holiday season. Love these for cocktails, but like even better with a T, chunky knit cardi, jeans and boots during the day.










All About Kelly Wynne

To share with you our excitement for the new-to-the-Hive line of handbags by Kelly Wynne (and in preparation for our trunk show in late September), we got an exclusive interview with the designer!

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.38.24 PM

What were you doing before you launched your handbag line? How did you get started in the industry?

I grew up in Austin, TX and graduated from Ole Miss in 2009 with a degree in graphic design. That’s really where my creative “design wheels” started turning. Mississippi is my home away from home. Most of my extended family resides in the Delta, and I grew up cheering on the Rebels at many football games each year.

After college, I moved back to Texas and worked in public relations for 3 years before pursuing my dream of designing handbags. I love all accessories because accessorizing is the best way to jazz up any outfit! I couldn’t let go of the idea of designing a collection. I began researching, sketching, and meeting with various professionals in the fashion industry. One thing led to another, and my dream of designing handbags became reality. I finally decided to go for it!

Being a graphic designer before this venture has definitely been helpful in creating the logo and any marketing materials we have needed. I wanted a subtle logo which I feel like I accomplished because I have many people asking me what the logo means. I spent many nights sketching and brainstorming ideas before decided on the “K” and the “W”. Once the logo was finalized, I was really excited about the next steps in designing these handbags.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.39.28 PM

There are many styles of everyday bags i.e. tote, crossbody, hobo, etc. What is your favorite style for everyday use? Which is your favorite from your collection?

My favorite style for everyday use is our “Paint the Town” Tote. I have never been a tote person, but ever since I started producing my own line, it has been my go-to bag! It has two pockets on the outside, which is perfect for you iPhone – no more digging! We also included pockets on the inside for your lip gloss, pens, subway card, etc. It is so functional, yet chic! My favorite color combination for fall is our Whiskey Black Serpentine. You don’t have to worry about wearing black or brown boots because this bag will go with both!

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.41.01 PM

Tell us a bit about your production i.e. where are they produced, what type of materials do you use and where do they come from, etc.

I wanted to start a fresh and contemporary handbag line with a mid-range price point inspired by the stingray look. I love stingray, but it can be very pricey. I started developing unique printed leathers that mimic exotics in a luxe and eye-catching way. There are two printed styles from my first collection, the Lizard which is comprised of repeating dots and the Serpentine which is a splattered look, both on printed suede. The printed suede is a different, unique texture. It feels so soft and wonderful! We will be adding new prints in future collections. The possibilities are endless!

All of our bags are handcrafted in New York City. It has been the most amazing experience working with suppliers in the US. I love knowing exactly who I am dealing with on a day-to-day basis. I can’t imagine trying to accomplish my goals overseas. My favorite part about this whole process has been meeting so many different people. Of course, I face daily challenges and am always problem solving, but I am satisfied with my ultimate decision to have the bags produced in the US. I love being able to support jobs in the US, especially when so many designers have their bags manufactured overseas.


What and/or who has inspired your designs?

Like I mentioned in my previous answer, the stingray was my original inspiration when designing these unique leathers. Since then, I have tried to look for luxe patterns in nature & interiors that catch my eye. I am able to work from these natural patterns and develop my own putting the Kelly Wynne twist on a new design.

The person who inspires me is my mother. She is a go-getter and one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. There are also a few designers that inspire me by their story… Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Coco Chanel, & Kate Spade.

What is one piece of fashion advice you were given that you’d like to pass along?

The one piece of advice I have been given that’s really hit home is don’t be influenced by others’ design suggestions. Every friend, family, co-worker has an opinion about how to do things and how to “make it better.” It is important to follow your own design ideas and let your creativity flourish! Otherwise you’ll become too generic and set yourself up for failure.

**Our Kelly Wynne trunk show will take place Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September 29.

Meet Chamak Jewelry Designer Priya

This spring and summer we are excited to carry some new jewelry lines and thought what better way to introduce these lines than through the talented designers themselves! First up is designer, Priya Kakkar of Chamak jewelry.

Priya and her nieces    priya Headshot

Give us a brief backstory of how you got started in the fashion industry?

I studied at FIT. I always knew I wanted to work in the industry. I focused more on the business side of fashion, I worked in sales for Burberry and Chanel. I am so happy to now be on the creative side as well. It is a wonderful and fun outlet. I think it has been an important aspect of my life that I have seen the industry from both sides. My experience in sales has helped me to effectively design successful pieces.

photo 2

Who or what influenced you to start your own jewelry line? How long have you been designing jewelry?

Bendels first noticed me in a market appointment for another client. The first bangle that I ever made was a bangle that nobody had ever made before – it was baked clay and the only thing in the market at the time. It was an innovation that launched my life as I now know it! I was wearing one of these bangles I had made myself, and Bendel’s ended up buying them for their store. Next thing I knew, I was in Neiman Marcus’ Christmas catalog then on the Today Show as a top ten Christmas gifts for the year. The rest is fabulous history!

Explain the name behind your jewelry line, Chamak?

Chamak in my native language of Hindi means to shine and sparkle in a glitzy, glamorous way.

photo 4

Who or what is your go-to for designer inspiration?

I am definitely inspired by haute couture and I pay close attention to the shows. I also think it is vital to notice what the Chamak girl is wearing on the street or out to dinner. It’s all about mixing high and low. It is important to find things that can be worn to work and to cocktails right after. I love, love everything from Marc Jacobs and Marni to J.Crew!

What five pieces of jewelry should every woman own?

-a pearl necklace
-a pair of pearl earrings
-a classic pair of diamond studs
-a big watch so you are always on time
-an armful of Chamak bangles

What is the best piece of fashion or jewelry advice you’ve received that we should all follow?

There is no such thing as too much! Stay true to yourself and show the world who you are through what you wear! And most importantly, have fun!