What to Wear this Weekend: 3 Looks for the Holiday


Thanksgiving Day: Veronica Beard Blazer, $595 | Rag and Bone Jeans, $250 | Current/Elliott Tank, $74 | Asha by ADM Cuff, $175 | Asha by ADM Studs, $225 | Sam Edelman Flats, $130

Black Friday Shopping: Woolrich Parka, $375 | AMO Tee, $125 | Mother Jeans, $228 | Yarnz Wrap, $300 | Matine Backpack, $325 | Vince Sneakers, $225

Drinks with Friends: Equipment Blouse, $198 | Commando Cami, $48 | Veronica Beard Pants, $395 | Hart Hagerty Earrings, $54 | DVF Heels, $348

The Hive Styles: Veronica Beard

We often joke we wouldn’t have a store if it weren’t for Rag and Bone and Veronica Beard. While we have many brands we love (we wouldn’t carry them if we didn’t), the pieces we can’t seem to keep in stock or that sell out in days are inevitably by one or the other. The latest delivery of Veronica Beard is particularly lust-worthy, and so one shouldn’t be surprised we dressed Deborah in so many of the designer’s newest pieces!


She is pictured wearing the Veronica Beard ultra-luxurious navy leather and black scuba peplum jacket. The paneling and asymmetrical zipper make it fun enough for a night out while the dark hues and tailored cut keep it subdued enough for work. The black peplum cashmere sleeveless sweater layered under the jacket also comes in light grey, and makes the ideal fall layering piece. We finished the look with the now-iconic Veronica Beard scuba pant in black, Tom Ford sunglasses and DVF booties. The joy of being able to dress our customers head to toe now still hasn’t gotten old and we doubt it ever will!




The Hive Styles: Fall Favorites

Every Tuesday, we invite a friend to come and model some of our clothing, shoes and accessories. (In this case, it’s Megan from 529 Kids Consign!) Our photographer spends a couple of hours taking shots of as many outfits and as much new product as possible to meet our social media, blog, email and Alexandria Stylebook needs. Originally, this outfit (with a few edits) was destined for a Stylebook post, and eventually it will. But in the meantime, we wanted to highlight this look for its fall functionality.


Each piece Megan is wearing can be worn in other ways for other purposes, and will contribute to the foundation of a functional fall wardrobe. The sweater by Veronica Beard is flattering on its own or layered over a button-up. Pair it with wide-leg cropped trousers for a completely different look. The booties–a favorite from Rag and Bone, are also available in black and the denim shirt can and should be worn year-round. The bag was a fun last-minute add-on but makes a great tote for women on the go. Whether you call us and have us hold one or multiple of these items for you or whether you just use this layered look as inspiration for your own fall favorites, we thought it was worthy of sharing with you!




Coming Soon: Hart Hagerty Tassel Earrings

by Christen

Some days, I wake up with barely enough time to run out the door and am lucky if I manage to shower. Other days, I magically pull it all together and actually look the part of boutique manager. This post and outfit resulted from one of the latter. Inspired by an Instagram post I had come across the night before, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear upon waking. I had plenty of time that morning to leisurely prepare for the day, and managed to curl my hair, steam my clothes and carefully apply my makeup. It all resulted in what has become one of my favorite outfits…ever.


The benefit of having a photographer friend who lives about my place of business is that I can request a few quick photos when I feel the need to document something. I needed to document this outfit. After all, we had everything but the skirt and the earrings in store and the earrings were on order. I had the photos taken and put it on my to-do list to publish them at a later date.



The problem is that between then and now (and it’s been less than week!), we have actually sold out of the sweater. I hesitated to use the photos at all, but then it dawned on me: this post doesn’t have to be about the sweater. It can be about my favorite new red Rag and Bone loafers. Or it can be about the circle frames by Tory Burch that have sadly not yet found their forever home. Or even better? It can be about the Hart Hagerty tassel earrings (designed by my friend Hart Hagerty) that we just ordered and should arrive well in time for the holidays! Yes, that’s what it should be about!


Hart is actually the sister of a good friend (and my former boss) from South Carolina. She started by designing beautiful jackets, two of which I have owned for years and love more than a person should love garments. When she launched her collection of tassel earrings I knew I had to own them too and snatched up a red/pink pair and a pink/yellow pair. Equally enamored with them, Elizabeth asked if Hart would carry to The Shoe Hive and, well, the rest is history. They retail for only $54, come in a variety of styles and colors, and make the perfect gift–whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else!

All of the earrings are handmade and we ordered a bunch, so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks until they arrive but we will be sure to let you know when they do. And in the meantime you can start thinking of the many ways you want to wear them!


The Hive Styles: Winter Whites by Rag and Bone

Our first delivery of Rag and Bone apparel arrived a couple of weeks ago and we all did a little happy dance. Since then, the long-sleeve tees have steadily been disappearing from our racks, the denim is dwindling and the asymmetrical dresses and sweaters have already sold out. But we haven’t sold one of the winter white and black-trimmed cardigans yet. I’ve tried to come up with a reason, and the only thing that makes sense is the cardigan gets lost in the mix. It’s genius is in its simplicity, but it fails to attract attention because of it.


Elizabeth asked me a couple of days ago if I thought we should try to send it back, and I responded with a resounding, “NO!” I told her I had styled Kristi in the sweater, was planning a blog post/email combination centered on it, and that soon all of our customers would understand its utility and see its gorgeousness for themselves. So, here it is. The sweater everyone should own. The sweater that hangs on the back of your chair at work so when you get cold you have something cozy AND chic to wear. The sweater you layer over blouses and under vests. The sweater that never goes out of style, and the sweater that is so completely on trend. You’re welcome. – Christen


Pictured here: Equipment sweater, Rag and Bone cardigan, Piccolo cashmere scarf, Getting Back to Square One leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots.



The Hive Styles: Denim on Denim

Marketing a clothing store is really different from marketing shoes. To be honest, we are still trying to figure out how best to go about it. But one thing Elizabeth and Christen both knew they wanted to do from the beginning is show our customers on a regular basis how to put together complete head-to-toe looks with the pieces hanging on our racks and sitting on our shelves. And while at first the task seemed daunting it turns out it is actually pretty easy since between our two stores we now have an extensive selection of casual and dress wear, a wide variety of shoe styles, and a growing offering of jewelry.


For our very first styled feature, we bring to you a modern spin on the denim-on-denim trend–no longer referred to as the Canadian Tuxedo. Today, this look is laid-back and easy to wear. The denim should be lighter in shade and slightly distressed in wash to make it work. The chambray shirt is a classic by Mother and the just-a-little-boyfriend jeans are by Citizens of Humanity. Paired with a cotton jacket by June that has the look of suede without the price tag and a faux lace-up bootie by Vince, we’ve created a chic take on a trend that traditionally gets a bad rap. A customer recently came in to prep for a work function that had for its theme “Hoedown Chic” so that’s what we’re calling this!