Channing Tatum and a hot pair of shoes

by Maria Jose

A few weeks ago I received an invite to the movie premiere of White House Down right here in the nation’s capital. I had no idea what the movie was about or who was in it, but I didn’t care. I quickly called my blogger partner in crime and friend Angelica of Clarendon Moms to be my plus one — I was so excited for a girls night out and more importantly it was a chance for this busy mamá to get dressed up!


I did very quickly realize that the movie starred Magic Mike and new daddy himself Mr. Channing Tatum, funnyman Jamie Foxx and the oh-so-fabulous Maggie Gyllenhaal. And that’s when I really started planicking — planning and panicking at the same time. I had NOTHING TO WEAR! I know, we women always say that but in my case it is because I just had my second child in January and I am still working my way down to my regular size.

As luck would have it, I did manage to find an old dress from my PR days in London that still fit — an A-line pleated black and white polka dot sleeveless dress from Zara. Oh happy day!

Channing 3

However, I needed a pair of sweet heels and I needed them to be comfortable (you know, just in case I had to RUN after Channing or something) yet chic and classy. Two days before, The Shoe Hivehaving heard of my possible Channing encounter, invited me to come by to select a pair of shoes.

Channing 2

The shop itself is always beautifully decorated and when I walked in that afternoon all of the bright colors just jumped out at me — the place was popping with a summer feel and just standing there among so much shoe beauty put me in a good mood. After ooohing and ahhhing over different styles, I ended up choosing a very classic yet sexy low heeled open toe bow pump. They were perfect and they couldn’t have found a better pair of feet to wear them.

The premiere itself is a whole other story, however I looked and felt so good and let’s just say that Channing missed out on meeting ME! I will say it was AMAZING to be in the same breathing space as him and such great acting talent. All that, and a great pair of shoes. It was the perfect busy mamá night out!


(Photo credit: Mama Fashion Files)

Disclosure: The Shoe Hive gifted me a pair of shoes to wear to the premiere. No other compensation given. Car service Uber DC kindly sponsored our transportation and are offering all Very Busy Mamá readers a FREE ride now through July 21st (first time customers). Click here for promo code. All opinions and views are my own.

María José is an Alexandria mom or mamá to a 4 ½ year old son and a daughter born January 2013. She blogs (and vlogs) about beauty, fashion and style on Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style. She is a freelance media strategist with an MA in Public Relations and Public Communication and currently writes for Disney and MamásLatinas.

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My husband is a bit of a hoarder — uh, I mean “collector.” It was one of those things I didn’t realize until we were married. When we moved from Nashville to Alexandria after being married for just 3 months I had to pack and unpack his junk — um, I mean “collections.” The collections include but are not limited to, ticket stubs, stadium tumblers, baseball cards, coins, stamps, sporting programs, state maps from rest stops (can’t make that one up) and anything related to the University of Tennessee.


The only things I find worth collecting are things I can wear.


This outfit reminded me of that because it represents one of my favorite collections, jackets, and one I am working on, jewelry by Steven Vaubel. 


Vaubel jewelry is all handmade in New York 18kt gold vermeil in green or yellow gold. Every piece is a statement and never goes out of style. 


Recently my next door neighbor shop, Hysteria, started carrying SMYTHE, another one of my favorite lines. They are great investment pieces that never go out of style. I wear the ones from this year as much as the ones I bought 5 years ago (that doesn’t mean I don’t need updates, if you’re reading this, honey.)


Here are a few pieces they will be carrying this spring and I can’t wait to add to my collection. 


Back in the Saddle

So the New Year’s Resolution is not going so well — the yoga pants have crept back into the daily attire and are taking over like kudzu. But it’s not too late to salvage the season, so I’m back in the saddle. We’ve had a mild winter in Northern Virginia and so it’s been easy to let those great winter clothes take a back seat — but I’m now determined to get them in rotation before it warms up and I’m dying to put on bright silks and florals and great patent leather shoes. Speaking of those, I’m bringing back a favorite designer this spring, Siegerson Morrison. We’ll have some darling patent leather flats from the Belle by Siegerson line — so there’s something to anticipate!

Dress: Lanvin     Shoes: Anyi Lu     Tights: Wolford

Resolutions ~ Start Getting Dressed

Last year I was in New York hailing a cab found my self drawn to the roof-top ad on the taxi that pulled up. It was for Piperlime and it just had two sentences: “Yoga Pants are Not Pants.  Start Getting Dressed.”

Whoa. Did that hit a nerve. Let’s be honest. I have 2 young children, I haven’t lost all of what I still like to call “the baby weight” (even though youngest is already potty-training), I own a small business and I have a workaholic husband who could just as easily claim a legal residence at the C Concourse of Reagan National Airport. Bottom line: I am busy.

Still, It occurred to me that it is time for me to get my act together. I am in fashion retail. I need to start acting like it.

Don’t get me wrong: I love clothes and have a few too many in my closet — as my husband reminds me when he gets off the road long enough to look at a Visa bill.

So with the launch of this new blog I’m giving myself a challenge: to get out of my yoga pants (well, not every day) and post to the masses (or at least the few family and friends who follow me) so they can hold me accountable.

I am always giving out advice about how to wear things, time to start doing it myself. Where shall we start?


Shoes Sam Edelman Adena Loafer with studs in Rose Gold

Trench DVF  ~  Shirt Tory Burch  ~  Jeans Current Elliott  ~  Shoes Sam Edelman Adena Loafer with studs in Rose Gold