The Return of Mindful Monday


We are so excited to announce the return of Mindful Monday with Gina White, the Mindful Junkie, this coming Monday, September 12. After a brief summer hiatus, we are reopening our store once a week (every Monday) after hours (at 7PM) for a brief talk on mindfulness followed by a guided meditation led by Gina. The drop-in fee is $20 but if you commit to attending five times, Gina will offer the sixth training to you free of charge!

If you are new to meditation and mindfulness, Gina fosters a comfortable environment and makes it easy to start. If you already have a meditation practice, this is your chance to learn new techniques and grow your practice while connecting with others who have similar interests.

Please follow The Shoe Hive on Instagram, Facebook or stay tuned to our blog for updates and information about September’s sessions.

One thought on “The Return of Mindful Monday

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