New Arrivals: Jerome Dreyfuss

Jerome Dreyfuss Bags

Never heard of Jerome Dreyfuss? It’s a relatively new brand to The Shoe Hive but it seems our customers are just as smitten as we are. Not sure why these bags are so special? Elizabeth shared her experience with the brand and why we chose to bring them to The Shoe Hive on a couple of months ago. You can read her blog post here. And, of course, as always we encourage you to come check them out for yourselves!

In case you had forgotten, we are open later through the summer months. Monday through Friday, our hours are 10AM to 8PM and on Sunday, 11AM to 6PM. We hope to see you soon!

A Father/Daughter Bond

by Elizabeth
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Many adults find choosing a great Father’s Day present for their dads perplexing. But for me, I always know what he wants — better quarterly numbers from The Shoe Hive, the boutique we own together in Old Town.

Having my father as a business partner has been a great professional experience but it’s also been fresh glue for our personal relationship. I don’t know many women my age who talk to their dads every single day, with email and text check-ins numerous times in between.

Bringing The Shoe Hive to life in 2003 was initially just a good idea for a hobby for him, a recently-retired corporate executive who was trained as a public accountant. For me, it offered the chance to have a “zero” in my budget for accounting services and gave me a mentor who had forgotten more about business than I would ever know.

As our store grew, my dad became avidly interested in the boutique sector as a whole, dovetailing with our efforts in Old Town to start the Old Town Boutique District in partnership with our sister stores Bellacara, Red Barn Mercantile, and Hysteria. My dad lived in Cincinnati at the time, in a walkable retail neighborhood called Hyde Park. He befriended some of those shop owners and studied what made a store successful.

He’s gone to merchandising shows with me to Las Vegas — maybe the night-time gambling option made it a tad bit more attractive — and he knows more about women’s shoes and fashion than any 70-year-old man in America.


Even now, we consider it a great family outing when on a vacation to go shopping in the independent boutiques. I think those trips have made me appreciate our Old Town visiting shoppers even more – people who are visiting relatives or staying at The Hotel Monaco or The Lorien on business.

And when you think of it, Old Town is the perfect place to buy your own Father’s Day presents.

Our friends at La Cuisine this year are featuring a fabulous leather grilling apron, similar to the ones worn by welders — the perfect mate to their cool grill sets. Red Barn Mercantile is offering a homemade hot sauce kit, giving everyone all the tools they need to make two unique hot sauces at home. Bellacara is featuring some old-school Italian shaving products by Proraso.

The easiest gift for dads in Old Town might be running shoes from Pacers — a great way to tell him you want him to stay fit and healthy for a long time to come.

And if you are using Father’s Day as a catalyst to get closer to your own dad, Hooray for Books has a neat thing called Letters To My Dad: A Paper Time Capsule. It will provide special prompts for you to write letters to your father marking special moments in your relationship — with envelopes included noting when your dad should open them. I think I’ll buy that and send my dad notes about our upcoming sales numbers.

The sale gets bigger and better tomorrow…40-50% off!

Sale Draft 3

Starting Friday, June 24 (tomorrow!) all our spring and summer shoes are going to be marked at 40 percent off and all spring accessories–hats, handbags and jewelry–are marked down to 50 percent off.

We are bringing the tables out on Friday for even bigger savings. Starting this weekend and every weekend in July we will be having a surprise flash sale in the courtyard. If you want to make sure you are the first to know what the weekly great deals are in the courtyard be sure to open our weekly emails or check out our Facebook page.

This week we will have tables outside with every item marked at $75 or $100 dollars, including styles by Kate Spade, DVF, Skylar Blake, Bettye Muller and Patricia Green!

A Shoe Hive Staff Favorite: MoMo’s Sushi

by Patience

We all have that go-to restaurant in town, the one that never disappoints. Well, you may need to add another one to your list. MoMo Sushi Restaurant at the corner of Fairfax and Cameron in Old Town is worthy of praise for many reasons.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.54.19 AM

For one, their customer service is extraordinary and we are true sticklers for great customer service at The Shoe Hive. Second, their sushi bar is top notch. Our staff can’t get enough of it. When we all leave our lunches at home–sometimes purposely, we collectively order takeout from MoMo’s. They never let us down and most importantly they are always consistent. I can order the same sushi platter every day and it would taste the same–and trust me, that’s a good thing.


Their menu is relatively the same as any other sushi bar in the area. They have a full assortment of sushi at reasonable prices. They even have lunch and dinner specials to choose from that are both filling and fulfilling. My personal favorite is the spicy roll combo, it is delicious! I’ve also tried the spider rolls and they were exceptional! MoMo’s believes the real heart of sushi is in the vinegar rice base. They also believe that taste and the right texture are key to serving mouth-watering sushi rolls and teriyaki. Whatever the secret to their success, it’s working!


With all that being said, you are probably wondering why they are worthy of a spotlight. There are many great restaurants in town of course but MoMo’s has a special place in our hearts. Their business has the same code of ethics as ours–provide great customer service and create an amazing customer experience for everyone. Being a small family owned business can be hard especially when you have to keep up with many of the larger retail stores and restaurants. This is why it is important to spread the word when you have a great customer experience while shopping and eating locally. We’ve noticed that many of our customers aren’t familiar with MoMos. Often times when we are scarfing down our lunch in the back, we get asked where we got it from. Thus, we felt it necessary to spread the word. We want you all to enjoy the atmosphere, the staff and most importantly the food as much as we do!

Momo Collage