The first #MindfulMonday is next week!

We are just ONE WEEK away from our first Mindful Monday with the Mindful Junkie Gina Rollo White.

Not sure that meditation or mindfulness is for you? Watch this short video of Gina explaining what mindfulness actually is, because we have found that mindfulness is for everyone!

For more details on the event (time, cost, etc.), check out our latest blog post here.

Coming Soon: Mindful Mondays with Gina White at The Shoe Hive

Gina, The Mindful Junkie and an experienced Mindfulness & Pilates practitioner and instructor, is a longtime friend of the staff at The Shoe Hive. We, along with Gina, believe that for optimum health it is important to train both your body and mind. Alexandria has a plethora of opportunities to train your body. Personal favorites include Mind the Mat and Fitness on the Run. But we have noticed a lack of options when it comes to training your mind, and it is this in which Gina excels. In fact, we have hosted her at The Shoe Hive before for private mindfulness sessions as well as having met with her privately in various locations around our city.


It’s not fair, however, for us to keep Gina to ourselves! So, we are opening up our store once a week after hours for a brief talk on mindfulness followed by a guided meditation led by Gina. The drop-in fee is $20 but if you commit to attending five times, Gina will offer the sixth training to you free of charge!

If you are new to meditation and mindfulness, Gina fosters a comfortable environment and makes it easy to start. If you already have a meditation practice, this is your chance to learn new techniques and grow your practice while connecting with others who have similar interests. We look forward to seeing you on March 7th!

On Mosby’s Political Ad and Subsequent Fame

If you know Elizabeth, you probably know Mosby. But did you know Mosby is famous? He has had his picture in Vanity Fair, USA Today and lots of local press; but perhaps his brightest moment was his political ad from ten years ago.

“In 2006, [Michael] Steele was a mere lieutenant governor of Maryland running for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat. One of the most prominent African-American Republicans in the country, he anticipated that he’d take a heaping of vitriol from his opponents. And so, in a preemptive strike, he decided to produce what can be remembered as one of the great campaign ads of all time: the Puppy ad.”

And guess who the puppy was?

Learn more about the story behind the ad at

Booties are back!


For many months, we have supported the idea that booties can and should be worn year round. However, when we explain to our customers that the same bootie worn with skinny jeans and a sweater can also be worn with a sundress, we are often met with disbelief.

Even if you are not into the booties-and-bare-legs look, you should still be grateful it is a trend. Why? Because now booties are part of designers’ collections every season–not just fall and winter. This means that as spring styles trickle into our store, booties are reappearing on our shelves. Considering snow is currently covering our Alexandria sidewalks, this is quite convenient. We have weatherproof options, lower price points, a wide variety of styles and more coming in every day!













Wear Now, Wear Later x 3

This is a strange time for retail. Our sale selection is rapidly dwindling and Spring styles have just started to trickle in. Snow is on the ground while sandals are on our shelves. To help you make sense of it all, Patience and Christen picked three of their favorite styles that are in store now and built looks around them–one for winter, one for spring. Check out all six looks below, and note that EVERYTHING pictured is (or will be) available at The Shoe Hive–shoes, clothing and accessories!


Wear Now: Lulu Frost Necklace and Earrings, Alexis Bittar Bangles, Getting Back to Square One Leather-Paneled Leggings, IRO Mepsie Jacket, Tory Burch Leather Mule.


Wear Later: Getting Back to Square One Hybrid Pants, IRO Glen Top, Asha by ADM Zodiac Pendant, Asha by ADM Horn Bangles, Tory Burch Leather Mule.

Paul Green_Winter and Spring

Wear Now: Getting Back to Square One White Tee, IRO Mira Jacket, Red Engine Skinny Jeans, Paul Green Peep-Toe Bootie.

Wear Later: Sundry Chambray Sundress, Sidai Designs Necklaces and Earrings, Paul Green Peep-Toe Bootie.


Wear Now: Sundry Sweatpants, Nesh NYC Sweatshirt, Yarnz Scarf, Jerome Dreyfuss Crossbody Bag, Vince Slip-On Sneakers.


Wear Later: Megan Park Dress, IRO Mira Jacket, Asha by ADM Earrings, Jerome Dreyfuss Crossbody Bag, Vince Slip-On Sneakers.