On Mixing Metals

Mixing metals can be tricky, and many of our customers are still unconvinced that it can be done well. However, metallics are now the new neutrals and mixing them enables us to get even greater use out of the pieces that we love. So, for those of you who would like to give this trend a try, we’ve put together three simple tips to follow:

1) Pick a dominant metal. When mixing metals, it is important to ensure that one stands out more than the other. If you are stacking bangles, for example, select two gold and one silver.



2) Add a touch of texture: matte, brushed, polished or hammered. This will add depth to your outfit and make each element pop!

Photo May 26, 3 29 06 PM

3) Do not shy away from pieces that have both silver and gold. They’ve done all the hard work for you.

Photo May 26, 3 27 27 PM

If you are still lost, think of it like this–75% of the dominant metal and 25% of the subordinate metal–and you can’t go wrong!



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