Madelyn’s Mother’s Day Wish List

A couple of days ago, we broke down our special Mother’s Day event coming up this Saturday–one that will delight all members of the family. I also shared my Mother’s Day wishlist along with my friend Alison’s. Today, I’ve decided to share Madelyns’s wish list, from both Ivy Lane and The Shoe Hive. What would you add on your wish list? Come in and fill it out–you have through tomorrow! Don’t have time to fill out a wish list? Give us a call or just send your family on Saturday and we’ll help them pick out the perfect gift without a list.

Madelyn_The Shoe Hive

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Alison’s Mother’s Day Wish List

Yesterday, we broke down our special Mother’s Day event coming up this Saturday–one that will delight all members of the family. I also shared my Mother’s Day wishlist. Today, I’ve decided to share my good friend Alison’s wish list, from both Ivy Lane and The Shoe Hive. What would you add on your wish list? Come in and fill it out–you still have two days!

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Elizabeth’s Mother’s Day Wish List

This Mother’s Day at The Shoe Hive we will combine the best of both worlds–hand-made, child-made gifts in addition to a great opportunity for the kids and Dad to pick out something from the store that’s on your wish list.

Along with our friends at Ivy Lane Linens we are hosting a Mother’s Day event this weekend. Moms can take the morning off and a loved one can bring in your kids for some shopping. There will be craft stations at both Ivy Lane and The Shoe Hive for the little ones along with some snacks. If you have time to stop in before hand, or have time to give us a call, there are “wish lists” you can fill out so you can get the presents you want. We are open normal hours Saturday but the event is 10 to 1!

Looking for a little inspiration? Here’s my wish list from Ivy Lane, and we’ll be sharing others’ wish lists with you over the next few days!

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Save the Date: Mother’s Day Shopping Made Easy

We are really excited to partner with our fellow Old Town boutique, Ivy Lane Living, this Mother’s Day. As moms, we know there is nothing more special than getting a handmade token of appreciation from your little ones. We also know that personalized stationery or jewelry, for example, can make the day special too! So, we’ve put together an event that involves both the handmade and the new, the sentimental and the luxurious. And it will be fun for the whole family.

Our concept is simple. Pay a visit to both The Shoe Hive and Ivy Lane to fill out your wish list. Include contact information for a member (or several members) of your family and we will let them know that we can help them find you the perfect gift this year. We will invite them to our event on May 2nd, at which adults will have the chance to review (and buy) the wish list items while the kids munch on specialty snacks and make a card (at The Shoe Hive) and gift (at Ivy Lane Living).

Mother's Day_Both

Now’s your chance. Come in to pick up a wish list and start listing!

Meet Alison, The Shoe Hive’s Newest Employee

My name is Alison Diminuco and I am 17 years old. I am a Junior at Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, Virginia and I have been working at The Shoe Hive for about two months now. I started working here when I broke my collarbone playing high school soccer. I decided to spend my time after school working since I was unable to play and I can say that working at the Shoe Hive is a blessing in disguise.

For the past two months, I have learned a lot about our shoe brands, different styles, jewelry and how to accessorize. Since working here, I have fallen in love with brands like Frye, Superga and Stuart Weitzman. I have always been a shoe fanatic but being around shoes all day just makes me want to buy them even more–hazard of the job, I suppose. Both Frye and Superga are my everyday type of shoes and they’re so comfortable. They are the perfect brands to grab and go. What I love about Stuart Weitzman is that it is so different from anything else I own. The brand has styles ranging from ultra classy to super spunky, and I never know what it’s going to offer next.

I’m really excited about working here at The Shoe Hive and I look forward to meeting you all.


The Center for Alexandria’s Children

On Wednesday, April 22, we are participating in Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s biggest charitable event. On this day, local businesses all across our city will give up a percentage of their sales to charity. More than 30 of them–including The Shoe Hive–are offering a “Customer Choice” option, which means that you can designate literally any school or charity in the country to benefit!

spring 2 action (1)

However, if you don’t have a preference or just want to know that your donation is going to a worthy cause, we will be donating 10% of sales to the Center for Alexandria’s Children (CAC). CAC is the City’s primary resource for the prevention, investigation and treatment of child abuse. The organization coordinates the City’s response to a child who is abused to minimize trauma to the child victim and get families the help they need to heal, while also working to prevent child sexual and physical abuse by strengthening families and training those who work with children to prevent, recognize and report abuse.

Center for Alexandria's Children Horiz Logo

It was our good friend and stylist Kathryn Martin who first introduced us to CAC and we have asked her to join us on the evening of April 22 for a special event in honor of their relationship. According to Kathryn, “The Center for Alexandria’s Children came onto my radar a few years ago when my dear friend from my Saint Mary’s Academy days, Ellen Folts (who sits on the Board of Directors), came to me and asked me to do a fashion presentation to the CAC Gala Host Committee for their upcoming Mad-Men-themed fundraiser. I got to speak to a wonderful group of people about the fashions and culture of the 60s decade. At that event, I was incredibly impressed to learn about what the CAC does from its dedicated leader, Giselle Pelaez. To put it in a nutshell, the CAC has created an environment for the children of Alexandria where they can safely come and tell their story of sexual or physical abuse one time only, to the appropriate multi-disciplinary team of people from the City. Additionally, the CAC focuses on education of the public about this abuse and facilitates treatment for families and individuals who have experienced it. They have created real, systemic change in the system so that it works in a better and healthier way for the people that are in it.


I spent another 3 years speaking to the Host Committee on different fashions and decades, depending on their gala’s theme and each year, I met more people and learned more about the good work the CAC does every day. Believe me when I tell you, these people work tirelessly to advocate for the children and, as you can imagine, they know all-to-well the horrors that some of the kids have faced. It was with that in mind that when last September, I was offered the opportunity to join the Board of Directors, I jumped at the chance. I felt I needed to offer more of my own time and energy to a cause that is making a real and deep change in so many people’s lives. If you’re interested in learning more about what and how the CAC works, please visit

You can also join us on Wednesday from 6-9PM to chat with Kathryn–about CAC, your spring style questions or anything in between. We’ll gather for cocktails in the courtyard and have extended our shopping hours so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity to contribute to a local cause that brings about real change in our community.

The Latest and Greatest, Bags by Frye

Frye’s new spring styles for leather bags arrived. Every season, the brand delivers on quality craftsmanship that’s designed to last for generations.

Heidi Crossbody

The Heidi is made in Frye’s softest Italian leather and is hand burnished, detailed with fringe.

Campus Zip Tote

The Campus Zip Tote features the brand’s signature crunch leather, antiqued and carefully stitched.

Bianca Tote

Embossed leather is lightly burnished and stitched in this classic, suede lined tote.

Bianca Small Satchel

Pebbled leather is lightly burnished and stitched in this classic, suede lined small satchel.

Bianca Hobo

The leather is lightly burnished and pebbled, with a luxurious suede lining.