Asha by ADM Trunk Show: The Details

This weekend we are having a trunk show with my favorite jewelry designer that we carry at The Shoe Hive: ASHA by ADM.

Before you scream at your inbox, I know, I know; I have talked about this jewelry line before and how much of it I own. The problem is, there is still more that I want!

One of the reasons I love ASHA jewelry, obviously, is because the pieces are beautiful. But I think I have finally figured out the other reason: the pieces layer perfectly with the fine jewelry I own and I can wear them together. ASHA was one of the first to bridge fine and costume jewelry and their plan worked. The pieces, made in either New York, Florence or Thailand, are 14k vermeil over silver or brass–great stuff.

The classic zodiac rings and necklaces are the perfect piece for any age and a great way to start building your jewelry wardrobe. You can wear them every day alone or layer them with more pieces to make a statement.

So starting tomorrow (Thursday) through Sunday, stop by and see the wide selection of ASHA jewelry that we normally don’t stock — all at 20 percent off!

Asha Collage

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