The S’well Bottle

It wasn’t so long ago that I arrived at Mind the Mat in Del Ray very early one weekday morning for my once-a-year hot yoga class. If I’m going to do anything that early in the morning, coffee is a must…before and after. I had come prepared, my coffee in an insulated cup. I left the cup in the car during class, with every hope and expectation of finding my coffee still warm…perhaps even hot… when I returned to my vehicle post-yoga. This was not the case. In just an hour’s time, my coffee had grown cold and undrinkable.

Frustrated, I began searching for a better alternative. Which is when I discovered S’well bottles at Kiskadee. The bottles are beautifully crafted and composed of non-leaching, non-toxic stainless steel that will actually keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. And yes, they really do work. I use mine all the time. I even keep soup in mine for lunch sometimes, and it stays hot until I’m ready to eat. A friend of mine takes her white wine in it to shows at Wolf Trap, which I think is kind of genius.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 13.29.27

Even better? The bottles are super stylish. While at the Gift Show in Atlanta recently, I fell in love with the hand-painted Textiles Collection and decided to carry them at The Shoe Hive. We currently have three styles, each available in two sizes.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 13.33.33

Tip: They make great hostess gifts, stocking stuffers for college students or birthday presents for the friends who already have everything!

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