It’s admittedly hard to feel inspired in the wardrobe department given this relentless and torrential downpour. So, we understand if you are snuggled up at home, unwilling to venture outdoors. However, if you must leave the dryness of your living room, may we suggest a few stylish options that will keep you from feeling as gray as this day is?

First, our Hunter rain jackets ($195). Fashionable and functional, Hunter even sent the army green version down the runway last fall. Right now we have the two colors pictured here:

Hunter Smocks.jpg

Our Ali Ro anoraks ($275-320) have been wildly popular for several seasons now, and we get it. They are flattering, look great for work and play, and will keep you dry! Blogger, Keiko Lynn, has a few of her own and we love how she has styled them. Currently, we have the following colors in stock: grey, grey in vegan leather, floral, navy and turquoise.

Ali Ro.jpg

And of course, we have our various Hunter shoes ($125), boots (prices vary) and bubble umbrellas ($48) that are always good to have on hand weather it’s sprinkling or pouring.

Hunter Products.jpg

A Spring Style Workshop with Alicia McCaslin

Tomorrow is a big day for our little block of Fairfax Street! Hysteria, along with local stylist (and our good friend) Alicia McCaslin, is hosting a day-long spring style workshop. It is a ticketed event and there will be two major style discussions, one at 10am and another at 7pm. During the afternoon there will be a marketplace to shop a variety of items ~ jewelry, scarves, bags, and denim.

So what does a ticket get you? Registrants pay $75 to attend and will receive a swag bag and discounts as part of their takeaway along with valuable information on how to pack for a trip, what to purge from your closet, rules regarding white denim, and where to invest on any budget. There will also be a giveaway for a 2 hour closet consultation but you must attend to be entered.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 09.50.23

The goal of this workshop is to make dressing easy and uncomplicated regardless of your budget.
– how less can be more
– what pieces to invest in and where to cut your cost
– how to break down your budget
– building season to season
– using hair and makeup effectively to complement your overall look
– how to incorporate color

A couple of other fun notes:
– Alicia will also spend time discussing how to pack for a vacation. Some clients use her services to put their outfits together for a trip to Europe, a wedding, or reunion. This takes the pressure off of packing too much and keeping your head clear of what you will actually need vs. what you may be inclined to take out of angst.
– Have you seen the necklace groupings in magazines and wondered how to put them together? Alicia is going to show youhow to put you own necklace story together and will have pieces for purchase at the workshop from a variety of designers.

It’s sure to be a fun event so sign up and encourage a friend to come along with you. Spring is days away and this weather will be far behind us. It’s time to move into a new season with fresh style!

Still not convinced? Alicia has created a beautiful page with loads of inspiration, tips, and sneak peeks. It’s just a taste of what tomorrow will entail!

Framing your Face

As a follow-up to a question about sunglasses we were asked to answer on Alexandria Stylebook, we thought you might benefit from a breakdown of the best types of frames for each face shape. Christen and Patience did a little research and this is what they’ve discovered.

Just as when you get dressed in the morning, the goal is balance. Once you’ve determined what face shape you have, you want to look for sunglasses that are the opposite of that shape.

Your face is heart-shaped if you have a wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrow chin. Truthfully, you could probably get away with just about anything, but the ideal shades for you will be cat-eye or round. Avoid anything overly embellished so as to not draw too much attention to the upper part of the glasses.


Lexington by Elizabeth and James in Black $155.

Your face is oblong if you have a long face with a narrow chin and cheeks. You want to counter the length of your face by finding wide frames that are either oversized (in any shape) or wrap styles. Avoid frames that are narrow; they will just reinforce your face-shape.


Candida by Kate Spade $138.

You lucky duck. An oval face has balanced cheekbones, forehead and jaw. Any shape works on you. Go crazy. Well, maybe not too crazy.


Lexington by Elizabeth and James in Purple $155.

If you have a broad forehead and square jawline, your face is square. Look for shades that are not overly geometric, that don’t emphasize the your angular bone structure. In other words, you want to look for round, oval or cat-eye shades.


Annika by Kate Spade $158.

You have a round face if you have full cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jaw. Look for wide, rectangular frames and avoid round frames or colored lenses, which exaggerate fullness.


MMJ392 by Marc Jacobs $98. For round shaped faces.

A Style Party with Kathryn Martin

This past Wednesday, in honor of Spring2Action and Boutiques Give Back, we hosted a style party with local stylist Kathryn Martin. Most importantly, 10% of all sales that day went to either the YMCA Alexandria or the charity of the shopper’s choice. It was a very successful day for all! There was that evening, however, a heavy dose of style so for those of you who weren’t here, let’s catch you up.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.47.32 AM

Elizabeth and Kathy setting up before the party. (Um, that necklace!!)

Kathryn selected the shoes that best represented current Spring and Summer trends and let us in on why we all should get on board. First (starting from the front), the return of the mule. While Kathy hasn’t really bought into the trend in the past, this time she’s all about it. This time around they are more feminine and interesting, often including embellishment or metallic touches. A customer came into the store yesterday and felt that mules were only to be worn with denim. While everyone’s style is different, we disagree. These mules would look great with a white dress in summer or printed skirt in spring.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.47.22 AM

Second, cork. DVF has a beautiful all-cork kitten heel. Sofft has its cork wedges. But we are particularly fond of Superga’s cork (and neon) sneaker. It’s been very popular though so if you’re a fan, come by quick and snatch up your size.

Next up is what Kathryn calls “global.” Elizabeth calls it “tribal.” Christen calls it “ethnic.” Whatever you call it, it typically involves a print that is heavy on neutral tones, making it both interesting and very versatile. Pair it with gobs of jewelry in wood and gold, with a maxi dress and maybe even a fedora for a Kathryn-worthy look!

Next to last is the bow. Kathryn came in prior to the party with an idea of the trends she wanted to represent. Bows were on her list and to her surprise there are a TON of bows in store right now. Her personal style doesn’t involve a lot of bows, but this Candela style is a totally different take on the trend that Kathryn loves!

Finally, cage heels are still very much de rigueur. What really drew Kathryn to this pair though is Elizabeth’s stamp of approval. Elizabeth wore them one evening for an event this week and claims to have worn them all night! For someone who never wears heels because of discomfort, that is really saying something.

So, which is your favorite trend?

(And a huge thank you to Kathryn for joining us on Wednesday!)

Luxurious Loungewear

You know something is good when we sell it before it’s even made it out of the box it arrived in. Last Friday, we received our second Sundry shipment, a line of luxurious loungewear we wrote about here. Everyone in the store was drawn to the box of super soft fabrics and easy-to-wear, throw-them-on-and-go pieces. We had to quickly put them in the system so they could be purchased right then and there.

We have been fans of Sundry since Elizabeth and Lyndsay discovered the line in Vegas last year. Who doesn’t want luxurious loungewear to put on the second you get home after a long day? Or a dress that feels like pajamas but is appropriate for Saturday brunch? The problem is that typically we are not in the business of selling apparel, and don’t really have a way to display Sundry’s awesomeness in store other than hanging it on a rack. So, we asked Patience to model some of our favorite pieces for you. And of course, after playing with the clothing yesterday, we all had to leave with pieces of our own. It really is that irresistible!

Photo Apr 07, 5 40 36 PM

Necklace by Heather Hawkins, $156
Dress by Sundry, $142
Sandals by Sam Edelman, $102

Photo Apr 07, 5 55 40 PM

Bracelet by Jenny Bird, $125
Serpent Earrings by Jenny Bird, $36
Necklace by Heather Hawkins, $188
Dress by Sundry, $142
Flats by Liebeskind, $145

Photo Apr 07, 6 04 02 PM (HDR)

Shirt by Sundry, $75
Sweatpants by Sundry, $114
Slip-on Sneakers by Superga, $65

Photo Apr 07, 6 10 27 PM (HDR)

Shirt by Sundry, $98
Sweatpants by Sundry, $95