It’s here!

It’s here and we couldn’t be more excited.

A few weeks ago we introduced our Alexandria Stylebook readers to the latest clothing line we are bringing to The Shoe Hive. Lyndsay and I discovered it while at market and were completely drawn in by how soft the fabric is. I may have a closet full of beautiful dry-clean-only clothing but I gravitate most toward the effortless pieces that are easy to throw on and still look pulled together. That’s what Sundry is…high quality, no-fuss clothing in relaxed styles.

Below is a sample of the pieces we received. The verdict is among the Hive girls that the sweatpants are the favorite although I’m personally a fan of the hoodie (not pictured, you’ll just have to come in and see it!) We hope you love them as much as we do!

Screenshot 2014-02-25 09.11.51


Screenshot 2014-02-25 09.14.06

Screenshot 2014-02-25 09.16.41

Screenshot 2014-02-25 09.17.06

Screenshot 2014-02-25 09.17.45

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