5 Days Until the Warehouse Sale

We just completed all of our final markdowns before the Warehouse Sale. A good portion of our sale styles are included in this Final Pairs Facebook album. At 60% off, sizes are going quickly. If there is a style that you simply can’t live without, it’s worth stopping in this week to purchase them at 60% off. If you want to live dangerously, take your chances at the Warehouse Sale where markdowns will be even more impressive!



And here are just a few of the styles that may or may not make it to the Warehouse Sale…

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How to Wear: Sabina by Michael Kors

This week on Alexandria Stylebook, we were asked a question about cage heels. The reader thought that the style might cut her off at the ankle, making her look shorter and disproportionate. I asked Lyndsay to respond to the reader, and I loved her answer. She suggested wearing the Sabina by Michael Kors–the particular cage heel in question–with a black dress. I decided we should put together a couple of examples: one following Lyndsay’s guidelines and one that is a bit more casual.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 07.45.42

We love this look for an evening out. It stands out in its simplicity and the attention to details. The Sabina. A simple sheath with a deep V and leather sleeves by Miu Miu. And a stack of the Jenny Bird serpent bangles we just got in.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 07.45.21

For day, we think the Sabinas work equally well with denim. Select a boyfriend style rolled (not cuffed) half an inch above the top of the shoe. A fitted black sweater, cashmere scarf in a softer, lighter neutral with a sturdy bag add just the right amount of nonchalance and style. Oh yeah, and the Pour la Victoire bag is ours too. It’s a winner!

Dior Goes Aquatic

For those of you who might not know because you’re actually spending time on important things like family and work: the couture shows are happening in Paris right now. Truthfully, to me, the couture shows are not as exciting as the ready-to-wear collections because the couture is not, well, ready to wear. While couture is a veritable art form, I prefer to ogle clothing that I can actually envision on ourselves.

In their couture show, the Dior house presented the most wearable item perhaps ever seen on a couture runway. Wearable in the same way fanny packs are wearable: you shouldn’t wear them but many people still do. Along with the usual head-spinning elegance and romantic dresses, lavender bows and black leather pumps, were aquatic sneakers. That’s right, aquatic sneakers.


You know, the kind you had to wear to swim in the lake at camp as a kid. Or the kind they recommend you wear for white water rafting even as an adult. The strange Dior couture sneakers looked like black slip-ons with white rubber soles. While kind of taken aback by, frankly, their heinousness, we had to smile. Really, that’s what couture is about: expecting the unexpected and no one batting an eye when a model walks down the runway in aquatic sneakers. What’s next? A fanny pack? Oh wait, that already happened.

Trending Tribal

Personally, I don’t think the tribal trend ever really goes “out”…but it can certainly be more “in” at times. And right now is one of those times. The tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints (black and white mixed with darker prints is a recognizable element) combined with warm, earthy tones (black, browns, deep reds and oranges) and natural accents (straw, wood). Some women understandably find the trend a little overwhelming and in this case, they key is to keep the rest of your look very simple.


Featured: Atria Cut-Out Flat by Aerin, $268

I asked Patience–our newest (and youngest) addition to The Shoe Hive team–to put together a couple of looks with the representations of the tribal trends we currently have in store. I love what she came up with. Because the prints are often oversized and strong, they work best when paired with simple shapes, shades and fabrics. Looking to add even more color? Look to your accessories–here Patience has incorporated colorful handbags to complement the prints. If you are feeling even braver, natural accents–a wooden armful of bangles or a beaded cuff–or matte (not shiny) metallics set off tribal prints perfectly.


Featured: Carlita Sandal by Aerin, $328

Golden Globes Top Picks

The text messages started as soon as we left Lyndsay’s baby shower on Sunday night.

– Emma Watson killed it.
– Yeah, but did you see Kate Beckinsale? A shame.
– Reese looks pretty food … Good. Not food.

It was the night of the Golden Globes, and while we missed part of it we were just in time to catch up on all the red carpet fashion. We know you have probably been bombarded with Best and Worst Dressed Lists galore, trend deductions, and who’s in and who’s out. It’s a bit much, even for us. (Although we admit to indulging in the day-after Fashion Police episode.) The truth is that fashion–particularly red carpet fashion–is truly subjective. What one very stylish person loves, another very stylish person may loathe. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s not serious; it’s just a bunch of beautifully crafted garments that are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. So, despite some disagreement among The Shoe Hive staff as to what worked and what didn’t, here are our top picks:

Elizabeth’s Winner: Cate Blanchett in Armani


Cate Blanchett can simply do no wrong. She is seemingly from another era. She is more poised and glamorous than anyone else in Hollywood right now. And time and time again she hits the right fashion notes on the red carpet–she selects pieces that are both very pretty but always fashion forward, which is hard to do!

Elizabeth’s Runner-up: Olivia Wilde in Gucci


Simply put, if you are this beautiful while pregnant, you should always wear a floor-length, long-sleeved sequin gown. In green. Always.

Lyndsay’s Winner: Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein Collection


This dress got some Fashion Police hate but most of us disagree–Reese Witherspoon is a bombshell. Yes, it certainly helps that she looks rockin’ but the dress itself is gorgeous. The sporty cut, the bold color, the heavy fabric, and for heaven’s sake the absolute perfect fit. Yes, it’s unconventional and a bit of a step in another direction for Reese, but we think it paid off.

Lyndsay’s Runner-up: Tatiana Maslany in Jenny Packham


We still aren’t entirely certain who this is, but as Kate Middleton has taught us, you can’t go wrong in Jenny Packham. The dress is pure old school glamour. And the gray has a touch of lilac in it without anyone wanting to call it purple. We felt this one got mistakenly glazed over by the fashion crowd.

Sophie’s Winner: Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren


Lupita’s Ralph Lauren off-the-shoulder piece was everyone’s top pick for Best Dressed…and we absolutely understand why. Really, this one needs no further explanation.

Sophie’s Runner-up: Caitlin Fitzgerald in Emelia Wickstead


It is a testament to Sophie’s style sense that her two top picks are so different. We kind of love that. While clearly influenced my mid-century style, this gown still somehow feels fresh and modern. Furthermore, we saw lots of high-low interpretations on the red carpet this year, but few were as glamorous and effortless as this take on the trend.

Christen’s Winner: Emma Watson in Dior


Admittedly, we generally prefer the runway to the red carpet as the latter can get boring sometimes. Emma Watson ensured that didn’t happen this year. And boy, are we glad she did?! This particular dress/pants combination sparked controversy on Sunday night but we think that’s to be expected when anyone takes a risk like Emma Watson did. In this case, it paid off. It’s youthful, edgy, elegant and glam. She killed it.

Christen’s Runner-up: Julianna Margulies in Andrew Gn


And finally, the sign of a red carpet success? When the dress looks better on the red carpet than it did on the runway (as opposed to what Paula Patton tried to pull of this year). Well done, Julianna.

Congratulations, Lyndsay!

Last night, the nearly-whole Shoe Hive team gathered together at Sophie’s condo in celebration of Lyndsay and her little-one-to-be! That’s right: for those who didn’t know yet, Lyndsay, our manager, is pregnant. And no, we do not yet know if it is a boy or girl–although we certainly took bets on what it will be and when it will come! She is due in May and we realized last night that after my kiddos, Blair and Coleman, this is the first Shoe Hive baby to join us.

So, we did what we do best (besides sell shoes): we partied. Tex-Mex, margaritas, a little gambling, lots of laughter and presents! Here are a few photos of the fun, and thanks to Sophie (the only original Hiver still around) for hosting us all!

2014-01-12 19.33.22 2014-01-12 20.01.47 2014-01-12 20.20.23 2014-01-12 20.21.41 2014-01-12 20.57.35 2014-01-12 21.13.12 2014-01-12 21.14.21 2014-01-12 21.17.19 2014-01-12 21.17.37