Winter Sale and Trend Predictions


It has finally arrived…the sale of the season! The Shoe Hive’s winter sale starts on New Year’s Eve and culminates in February’s Warehouse Sale (more information coming soon). Here are the details on this year’s sale:

30% off winter boots, shoes and bags! BUT today AND tomorrow, we’re offering an additional 10% discount on sale items! We say this every year, but it bears repeating: to shop smart, you need to shop early. The first reason is obvious, sizes dwindle quickly. If there is something specific you’re looking for, don’t wait too long before paying us a visit.

But there is something else to consider when shopping our sale–and any other sale for that matter: consider the trends. If you want to get the most out of your purchases, buying up any shoe in your size–while helpful to us–might not be the best use of your money. Even if you spend a little more, leave the store with a shoe that is either so classic that it will never go out of style or a shoe that represents a trend that will extend into 2014. What are those trends?


Truthfully, anything with a chunky heel. Think substantial over dainty. The Vino heel by Elizabeth & James is a perfect example. Also, we are excited to say, over-the-knee boots will get a third year in the spotlight so if you find an OTK boot on sale and in your size–invest. It’s worth it. Finally, color, color, color. And if you have to choose between colors, choose bold over bright.

Trends to avoid? Anything with see-through paneling. And designer baseball caps. Not that we ever sold designer baseball caps, we just felt the need to spread the word. They’re moving on.

Shoes for a New Year

Just as we have finally overcome our figurative (or literal) holiday hangover, it’s already time to think about what you’re going to wear for that climactic moment known as New Year’s Eve. Once you’ve selected an outfit that outdoes even last year’s, you’ll need good shoes–no, great shoes–for the big night.

So, we’ve selected seven of the best shoes to ring in the New Year: They’re beautiful, not so impossible to wear, and will look equally stunning with that dress or tuxedo pants (I’m very into them right now) next week as they will polishing up your day look in 2014. Head over to Alexandria Stylebook today to see the complete slideshow, including a snakeskin platform pump to glittery sneakers, and prepare to ring in the New Year.


Last-Minute Gifts

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and boxes, but, should never come late. Yes, sometimes it just happens that way but, there is no need to be in a panic if you are still searching for last minute gift options. We have a huge selection of gifts at every price including some really great things under $50! Like this pouch, which can be used to store make-up, credit cards, or pens/pencils. The metallic shade is a huge trend right now, and everyone loves small storage pouches that are both chic and functional.


For more options under $50, search our Pinterest Page.

For someone you want to spend a little extra on, we have loads of options as well. Jewelry always makes a great gift because it is personal and it’s nice to splurge on those you love. How about a lucite cuff that can be worn every day to dress up an outfit? Or a comfy pair of Tory Burch slippers to keep you warm during those freezing nights that are upon us? Whether you are buying for an in-law or your sister, show them how much you love them with something a little special this holiday season.


For more gifts ranging from $100-$150, visit our Pinterest Page.

We will be open today until 4pm today for some last minute shopping!

What to Wear on Christmas Morning

Every Christmas, my kids wake me up at the crack of dawn to open the presents that Santa brought. With wrapping paper sprawled around the tree and my dog digging through bags and boxes, I inevitably still want a picture to capture the moment. I try to brush my hair and throw on some lip gloss and mascara, but, “dressing” for Christmas morning just seems to be a little much.

So, I’ve decided the solution to my problem is to wear super chic and cozy pajamas, which I won’t mind getting my picture taken in. We sell Elizabeth Cotton pajamas, and I love the fabric she uses. They are warm but not too heavy. Her lines are clean and the prints aren’t too overwhelming. This Christmas at six or seven or eight in the morning, opt for stylish pajamas and embrace your early morning picture.


P.S. My friend, Angela, from Bellacara wrote a quick post on Alexandria Stylebook today about Christmas morning makeup. It’s worth a read.

Men’s Night Recap

The beer was cold and so was the weather, but, the men of Alexandria came out for our annual Men’s Night sponsored by Braddock Commercial Real Estate. We had quite the turn out of loyal customer’s husbands and significant others who shopped for the ladies and followed their wish-lists to a tee. But ladies, don’t be taken aback if there are a few surprises here and there.


I love this event because I get to work with all of the husbands and it always amazes me how well they know their wife’s style. From comfy slippers to four inch heels, we had a lot of variety in the purchases. Thanks again to all who came out, and of course to my husband, and to Chris Campagna for spreading the word about our event. Another successful Men’s Night under our belts.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 09.32.11

Screenshot 2013-12-18 09.32.22

The Shoe Hive + Shoptiques

Until you have experienced the difficulties involved in maintaining an e-commerce website, you cannot possibly know everything that goes into it. It is very labor-intensive and particularly difficult for small businesses with a small staff and limited resources. Nonetheless, we recognize that many of our fans live elsewhere, and some of our local fans still want to shop online. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer our customers the same quality experience online that they get in store. So, to this end, we decided to partner with Shoptiques to bring you the best of The Shoe Hive…online.

Our own website will be changing pretty dramatically this month. For the better, of course. It will include slideshows of our favorite brands, all of our videos, complete head-to-toe looks and more. For all Shoe Hive shopping though, you’ll either need to pay us a visit in person or shop through Shoptiques.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 22.34.14

On the 11th, the Shoptiques team took photos of close to 85% of our product and it should be up on our page before Christmas, so check back soon for more. Give Shoptiques a try and let us know what you think of it! We are really excited for this new partnership!

Screenshot 2013-12-12 22.34.37

Men’s Night – Next Week!

I love my husband but despite many years together he has not yet mastered the ability to walk into even one of my favorite stores and pick out the perfect gift. I have faith that one day this will happen, but in the meantime, this is exactly why we’ve decided to continue the now-tradition of hosting a Men’s Night at The Shoe Hive.

Screenshot 2013-12-10 08.33.30

The concept is simple. You create a wishlist and leave it with us. Then send your husband/boyfriend/dad/other to our Men’s Night event on December 17. We have designed the entire evening to be fun for our male guests. Yes, fun. We’ll be grilling brats, serving beer and bourbon and for those who are interested, cigars will be available. Braddock Commercial Real Estate is once again sponsoring the event, so you know it will be done well! While your men are doing whatever it is that men do at a party for men, we’ll be busy helping them choose the perfect gift from your wishlist, wrapping it up and most importantly we’ll send it home with him.

If you don’t get a chance to fill out your wishlist, we’ll be on hand to help them shop. So, either way, you’ll end up with something you’ll love on Christmas morning and your man gets a night out too!