Statement Necklaces

It’s no secret that I love jewelry. I have many pieces that I have collected over the years. A ring set that belonged to my grandmother, a small diamond necklace my mom bought me for my sixteenth birthday, and various trinkets that I have bought while traveling. Although I have many small everyday pieces, I try to incorporate one statement piece into my outfit to play up my simple items. My go-to statement piece is the necklace. Whether it is layered gold chains, an understated choker, or bold jewels, I love a good necklace. I like to wear these necklaces over t-shirts, sweaters, and with dresses, and this way I can keep the rest simple. Some of my favorite statement necklaces are by Gerard Yosca. His pieces are beautifully crafted and make a statement without being too in-your-face. To me, simple always means elegance, and Yosca’s necklaces are my go-to on any day. 




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