10 Days ~ 10 Shoes ~ 10 Looks

There are 10 days until our anniversary party weekend! Each day we will present one of our “2013 top ten” selections with an entire look created by stylist and wardrobe consultant, Alicia McCaslin. Just in case for some odd reason you don’t receive or read our emails and are not a fan on Facebook, we’ll be updating this page every day until the party!

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Lillybee University

Kelly Collis, also known as City Shop Girl, is a local DC style…is icon too strong?…No, she is a DC style icon. She knows her stuff. Clearly, since in her latest column in Washington City Paper, she featured a line of shoes that we just started carrying at The Shoe Hive.


Recently featured in Southern Living magazine, Lillybee University is the brainchild of Kassie Rempel, an admitted shoe-freak and board-and-bred Carolina fan. Kassie founded an e-commerce shoe boutique and sold it in 2012 to focus on her new passion–footwear for fans. These striped flats in college colors were born of this passion, and we are so excited to help you share your football fanaticism this fall. Stop by The Shoe Hive for your university’s custom and comfortable flats!


New to the Hive: Jenny Bird

Rural Ontario native Jenny Bird has got your lady bling problems covered. Self-taught in accessories design, Bird got her start in New York City’s garment district, creating a capsule collection of luxury handbags which garnered rave reviews and a coveted trunk show at Henri Bendel’s. But after the market crashed in 2009, Bird needed to take her career in a different direction. After her first jewelery collection, she knew it was “divine intervention” that forced the change in focus.

Five years later, Bird splits her time between NYC and Toronto, and is inspired by women of the world. She believes she’s found the perfect balance between uptown finish and bohemian spirit. And we definitely agree, which is why we now carry the line at The Shoe Hive!


1. How did you get started as a jewelry designer?

The market had crashed, and the brand needed a new category to survive (the Jenny Bird line started with bags). I had taken jewelry making courses and loved it. From the first collection I knew it was a natural language for me. It was divine intervention from the universe that forced the redirection, and me onto my intended path.

2. Describe the woman who wears your jewelry.

The women who wear Jenny Bird are free-spirited, confident and feminine (with an edge). They are often style leaders among their friends and colleagues at the office and enjoy looking “of-the moment”, but never want to look overtly trendy. They have a strong sense of individual style, love pieces with a bohemian spirit, and relate to the philosophy “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

3. My fav pcs:
I had to choose 4;)

– Kundali Serpent Studs

Everyday. It’s just so nice to find a stud that isn’t boring. I love wearing statement necklaces and so find these are the perfect touch to finish my look, without competing with my necklace.

It’s also the Year of the Snake and wearing serpents is therefore very lucky and empowering, so I’m enjoying harnessing that power. On the days I wear them, they give me a base of female warrior energy to take on the day and accomplish what I set out to!

(these next three in your Oct delivery/.…but I figured you’re likely waiting to put the post up until you have it all in?)

– The Long Horn Collar

What can I say? I GASPED when the final sample came out of the factory. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a necklace. I haven’t taken that first sample off.

– The Rite of Passage

I’m in love with the mesh component and the movement it gives this piece. It’s just so unique – I love that it’s both feminine and edg, both boho and rock and roll…all at the same time. I have the silver and it will be the staple I wear with my leather moto jacket throughout the Fall

– Illumina Earrings

Again because I’m in love with anything netted or mesh right now and love the movement it gives these earrings. I think if a girl had the Serpent studs above and these, she’d be set for the Fall/Holiday season. Love these for cocktails, but like even better with a T, chunky knit cardi, jeans and boots during the day.










My Weight Loss Challenge

For the past four years, I have been trying to get down to my pre-baby weight. I will make some progress then fall off the wagon, never reaching my goal. My son is now a bona fide pre-schooler, so the concept of calling it my “pre-baby weight” is even getting a little laughable.

I have been a client at Fitness on the Run for many years and I got in the best shape of my life right before I had my first child thanks to Adrien (or as I call her, “AMC”), one of the owners.

Fitness on the Run has been so committed to trying to help me get my eating and fitness in order, yet I continue to disappoint both them and myself–try as I may.

I have no decided I need a new strategy: public shame. To be clear, I know I am not “fat,” I just have some weight to lose. In my husband’s words, I am not fat, just “fatter than I want to be.” The worst consequence of this status is that I have all these beautiful clothes sitting in my closet that don’t fit me! At some point, this isn’t a vanity issue or even a health issue, it is a fiscal issue.

So, I have decided to set a goal for myself and blog about it on Fitness on the Run’s website. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in one month for the 10-year anniversary party of my store, The Shoe Hive. To follow my weight loss journey, to find out how much I weight, for a picture of my goal dress and to discover my weight loss rules, check out my first blog post. And wish me luck…