Customer Guest Blog: Sidewalk Sale Recap

I was one of the first at the Shoe Hive on Saturday morning. Arriving a full 30 minutes before they were to open at 9 a.m. the shop was already buzzing with customers. I laughed as I heard some women rush down the street to the entrance saying, “We are early and they have already started!” They were obviously ready to get their favorite designers at a great price. Another friend I ran into asked if a pair of shoes that she had her eye on was still there. She had to work and was going over as quick as her day was done to snatch them up.


I really liked the way the Hive had their tables arranged. It was not a percentage discount. I am terrible at math, and calculating 40% off, 60% off, etc. is not a quick process for me. In the time it takes me to pull out my phone calculator and come up with the price, my picks could be gone. At the Hive, there was a $25 table,  a $35 table, and a $50 table. No calculating! Just pick your shoe, try it, and enjoy your deal.


Later on as I was enjoying a bit of lunch, I watched shoppers pass by. It seemed that everyone was carrying a bag with “The Shoe Hive” logo. I eyed with just a bit of jealousy those who were carrying two or three bags!  I could just imagine all the Marc Joseph, Kate Spade, and Sam Edelman creations that would soon find a home in other closets and not mine. No worries, though. I know where the best shoe boutique in Alexandria is. I will be back!

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