Anniversary Countdown: May (four days late)

I have never been one to wear black sandals much. I think they tend to look bulky most of the time, and bulky is always bad, right? Don’t get me wrong, folks always come into the store looking for black sandals and we always carry a few cute pairs. And of course, I own a few pairs myself–though you could say the same thing about almost any style of shoe, to be honest. But my reluctance on black sandals is still the same: I think they are over-worn and unsuitable for most pieces in a summer wardrobe.

When you are wearing a sun dress or shorts who wants a heavy black shoe on their foot? Better to have something light that elongates the legs and goes with everything.

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That describes what I would call the ultimate summer shoe. My favorite color? Tan. And my favorite heel height? Low. Combined with gold hardware and an ankle strap that flatters everyone, a tan sandal is perfection. It can be worn with dresses, shorts and a woman can stand in it all day and not want to amputate her own feet.

I purchased this Tory Burch sandal in 2011 and I have not been able to find its replacement since. It is one of those shoes that is so perfect I have stopped wearing it because I know that one day it will have to go to shoe heaven with all the other perfect shoes I have worn into the ground. If I had Tory’s number I would call and beg for her to remake it!

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