We’re famous…not really


Okay, no. I don’t read OK! magazine on a regular basis, but I know many people do. And I may need to start reading it more regularly now that I realize they have such good taste in shoes! They featured two styles that we have at The Shoe Hive currently (and may go on sale at the end of the week… *hint hint*). We carry the Jon Josef loafer (first page) in a variety of colors and designs: you can shop them all here. On the second page is our beloved Delman flat, which we actually carry in nude. It is so chic, I can’t stand it. So, let’s agree on two things: we will start reading OK! more often and we will add these shoes to our collection. Deal?

June_24_2013_OK_JJ June_24_2013_OK_JJ2

If these shoes could talk

There are sneakers. And then there are sneakers. Most people default to Converse, but aren’t you getting a little tired of seeing them on everyone? We have been longtime fans of Supergas–the ultimate, classic sneaker. The Italian sneaker.

To prove our point–that Supergas are the coolest sneakers out there–the Olsen twins, Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore collaborated to create the best How to Wear It video we’ve seen since our own. They found five style setters from all walks of life to demonstrate the sneakers’ versatility. And if you’re still not sold, come on in to The Shoe Hive and try on a pair for yourself.

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 7.51.07 PM

Resort 2013 at The Hive

For those of you who don’t live and breathe the fashion cycle like we are required to, Resort is a transitional time between our fall assortment and spring assortment. The assumption is that someone is going to need shoes to travel to a warmer climate during the winter months, or that our customers want to start preparing for sun and surf.

Lyndsay and I just returned from market in New York, and here’s a recap of the resort trends we’ll be carrying this year. Take particular note of #6 below–what do you think? Would you wear it?


2013-06-11 06.13.39-1

2013-06-11 06.13.35-1#2 – SHORT, CHUNKY HEELS

2013-06-11 06.13.33#3 – BOAT SHOES

2013-06-11 06.13.36#4 – WEDGE BOOTIES

2013-06-11 06.13.34 2013-06-11 06.13.35


2013-06-11 06.13.38 2013-06-11 06.13.32-1#6 – MODERN WESTERN

2013-06-11 06.13.32 2013-06-11 06.13.39