Made in Italy…No, Really.

Fewer and fewer shoes are still “Made in Italy.” Now they are made in Spain, Brazil and, of course, China. But at The Shoe Hive, we make a point of always providing a strong selection of veritable Italian-made shoes. In this effort, we are now carrying a new line by Gastone Lucioli. Mr. Lucioli founded the line in 1956 and remains at the helm today. The headquarters are located just outside of Arezzo, a small town near Florence in the Tuscan countryside. The Lucioli enterprise is a family business as Gastone’s sons, Cesare and Claudio (their names are  seriously out of an Italian novel!), represent the brand as well. Cesare is the creative genius and Claudio is in communications.

I mean. Who doesn’t want to own a pair of their shoes after discovering all that? But, just in case I have not yet persuaded you, here is the ankle book I posted to Facebook the other day, styled in a variety of ways.

Option1                              Option4

Otpion3                                                            Option2



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