Would you buy Dr. Scholl’s?

A week or so ago, I launched a survey on Facebook asking all of you whether or not you’d like to see the return of Dr. Scholl’s at The Shoe Hive. We were pretty much split down the middle at the store. And guess what? So were you! 55 people responded to the survey

28 of you were interested. Many of you had worn them previously and longed for their revival. Others hadn’t but still liked the different prints, colors and patterns in which they are now available. Still others missed the calf muscles these shoes apparently help you develop.

27 of you were not interested in the least. Mostly, this was based on pure aesthetics, and this group also carried the greatest percentage of women who had never worn Dr. Scholl’s before.

The jury is still out then. We don’t know if we will bring them back or not, but if we do–you will be the first to know.


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