Would you buy Dr. Scholl’s?

A week or so ago, I launched a survey on Facebook asking all of you whether or not you’d like to see the return of Dr. Scholl’s at The Shoe Hive. We were pretty much split down the middle at the store. And guess what? So were you! 55 people responded to the survey

28 of you were interested. Many of you had worn them previously and longed for their revival. Others hadn’t but still liked the different prints, colors and patterns in which they are now available. Still others missed the calf muscles these shoes apparently help you develop.

27 of you were not interested in the least. Mostly, this was based on pure aesthetics, and this group also carried the greatest percentage of women who had never worn Dr. Scholl’s before.

The jury is still out then. We don’t know if we will bring them back or not, but if we do–you will be the first to know.


Anniversary Countdown: February

Many of you might know that my business partner is my father.

When I first called him and talked about opening a shoe store he was a little hesitant.

When I told him the big shoe show was in Las Vegas twice a year he became  more interested.

My mom hates going to casinos but my dad could play blackjack for days.

So my dad partnered with me and use to go to Vegas with me twice a year.

During one of our visits I decided maybe my dad should actually go to an appointment instead of the tables.

2013-02-23 16.28.57

He hit it off with the folks at Sigerson Morrison and we came up with the idea to let him pick a shoe. At the time, you could pick from a book of fabrics and so my dad chose a shoe that became named The Bill. It was a hit and has become a favorite of mine. I mean, doesn’t everyone need a pair of sky blue patent leather heels?

Sad to say, the show is no longer what it use to be and we don’t go to Vegas anymore.

But The Bill lives on.


Click here to see the shoes in action at Misha’s. (Tried embedding the video. WordPress refused to cooperate. Bummer, but will keep working on it.)


(Photo captured here.)

Why Misha’s? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed we are counting down to The Shoe Hive’s tenth anniversary with one of my top 10 favorite shoes each month. We decided it would be cool to feature each pair in one of my top ten favorite places in Old Town, and Misha’s definitely tops the list!

My Favorite Store

Last Sunday I had a very odd shopping list:

  • Ironing board
  • Birthday present for a 4-year-old boy
  • Nail polish remover
  • Smudge tool for 5-year-old daughter’s art class
  • Valentines’ Day table cloths

One might think that the place to go to for these things would be Target. Problem is: I can’t stand Target. Maybe it is my passion for independently owned businesses–or maybe I just have a snobby aversion to mass marketed schlock. I prefer the nobler side of that coin, but I admit it could be either.

As a mom of two, however, it was hard to avoid places like Target. That is until I found the Hollin Hall Variety Store. It is the greatest store I have ever been in. It has everything. I mean everything.

Hollin Hall

I actually think there should be a game called “stump the Variety Store.” I’m not sure anyone could win that game. Think of the most random item and you will find it there.

Piñatas? They have them. The plastic underpants you use for potty training? Check. An old school photo album? Of course. Sewing supplies, greeting cards, army men, and foam? All there. Any type of candy you can imagine, sold in bulk? They have it, just like the dime stores I used to visit in Central Kentucky’s small towns with my grandmother in the 1970s.

I could keep going on but I think you get the idea.

So if you live in Alexandria, get to the Variety Store. It’s open 7 days a week and it has a whole lot more than you think–and unlike Target, you won’t have to walk across slurpee-residue floors to pick it out.

Even The Washington Post agrees.

7902 Fort Hunt Rd Alexandria, VA 22308

Shoes in the News: Butter 2012

One of our most beloved lines is Butter. It has a cult following and is known for being exceptionally well made. Unless you’ve shopped at The Shoe Hive for a while, you may not recognize the name, however. This is because Butter is loyal to local–in other words, they haven’t sold out to big box department stores. You can find Butter sold online, but the only physical locations at which they are sold are independently-owned boutiques like The Shoe Hive. This didn’t stop Butter from having a pretty fantastic 2012 when it comes to press. Here are just a few of the press clippings their office sent over–including one of a spring style we just got in!

FN March

(Something Bleu is owned by Butter.)

July FNRecognize this one? It arrived late January and it is getting lots of love at the store!

New Jersey Bride PressI have to admit to laughing when I saw they sent over a clip from

New Jersey Bride magazine, but hey, press is press!

redbook november 2012 pressMost of Butter’s styles are appropriate for the workplace but are always fun and unique.

wash  press- peachy

Womens HealthAnd what do you know? Behind the close-up of the shoe is our DVF clutch–

two of which are still on sale at the store.

If you’re unfamiliar with the line, it is definitely worth stopping in and trying them on. Of course, like any brand, it either works for your foot or doesn’t. With this said, if it works, it doesn’t get much better than Butter. Here’s to another great year for Butter and The Shoe Hive!

Lyndsay’s Looks: New Spring Styles at The Shoe Hive

Today, we are sharing a few of Lyndsay’s favorite new styles at The Shoe Hive and how she would wear them. All three styles can be easily worn now through the next few months!




The Meeting

We all have celebrity crushes. I have a few major ones. I don’t know if I want to meet them. I fear they may not turn out as I have imagined. Taylor Kitsch won’t be in the Riggins #33 jersey and surely Russell Crowe won’t be wearing gladiator armor.

Aerin Lauder has long been another celebrity crush. Something about her has always exuded “cool” to me. Our relationship began in the pages of fashion magazines. Her style is impeccable and she has the effortless beauty to which we all aspire.


After my first visit to her showroom in June, we decided to begin carrying her shoe line this coming fall. Tuesday was my second visit. As I was sitting outside of the Rachel Zoe showroom, guess who walked by on her way to her own showroom? Aerin Lauder.

Not going to lie, I kind of lost it and embarrassed Lyndsay a wee bit. I am sure that is not the last time that will happen.

The Aerin Lauder rep for the line is well aware of my obsession and as we entered the showroom gladly introduced me to her.

Here is the thing, she is as great as I imagined.

We talked about kids and our sons’ obsession with baseball. She could not be more down to earth and is the epitome of class.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for her line to arrive.