How to Wear It: Jon Josef Gatsby Cat Flat in Natural Linen

Every Tuesday on Facebook I reference a new trend that is a little out there. Whether we carry it at The Shoe Hive or not, I ask for our followers’ opinion. We love hearing what our customers like and dislike as it helps us make smarter decisions in the future. Plus, we really love talking about shoes.

I call it “Diss or Do?”

Today’s Diss or Do? is the newly arrived cat flat by Jon Josef. If you’ve been paying attention, you have probably seen it featured in a number of magazines–print and online. It started with Charlotte Olympia. Then Marc Jacobs. And now, Jon Josef has sent us his take on it, in natural linen and gold thread and contouring.


The pair was even featured in People StyleWatch this past September as a “Look for Less.”


Feel free to weigh in on this trend on Facebook. But even if you like it, it can be a little difficult to style. This is definitely not a basic back flat. So, I’ve pulled some celebrity looks I think are easy to replicate. The key is to keep the look simple–let the shoes have the spotlight.

sjpThis first look–SJP walking her son to school–is my favorite for two reasons. It’s easy to pull off and it’s warm. Proof that you can wear these flats even on a chilly day.

tayor-swift-cat-shoesNow, personally, I am not a huge fan of Ms. Swift’s style, but I wanted to show a few examples of how the shoes can be dressed up, especially with a touch of 50s flare. While these looks feel a bit more costumey than SJP’s, they certainly have more personality.

alexa-chung-charlotte-olympia-kitty-cat-flats2Finally, Alexa Chung has been photographed over and over again in her cat flats. I love the contrast of these two looks. One is neutral, the other colorful. Once worn with pants, once with a dress.

So, while you might not think of these feline flats as being particularly versatile, take a cue from these lovely ladies and try wearing them with casual and dressier looks alike.

Shoe Spotlight: Marlene by Plomo

The oxford has been in vogue since 2008; but just as celebrities have to reinvent themselves to stay on top, designers have to reinvent trends to keep them in rotation. Thus the oxford had a makeover and it has The Shoe Hive’s approval:



This pair is the Marlene by new-to-the-Hive line, Plomo. (You may remember it in December’s Shoes in the News.) Get girlie and wear them with a flirty, floral dress or draw inspiration from Mrs. Timberlake by pairing them with skinny jeans and a blazer. This is one trend we are embracing without reservation. Arriving at The Shoe Hive in February!

Jessica Biel(Photo credit:

Anniversary Countdown: January

It is hard to believe our ten-year anniversary is soon approaching. Every year The Shoe Hive has been in business, I seem to have a favorite pair of shoes that we’ve carried. So, I thought I would share my top ten favorites over the next ten months. As I was assembling my top ten, I noticed how many trends have come full circle—a testament to keep what you love and more importantly to wear what you love. If it goes out of style and you keep wearing it, you will be considered ahead of the fashion curve at some point, right?

Emma Hope Knit Boots

Emma 1Emma Hope is one of the brands that made me want a shoe store. We haven’t carried it in a few years but I am bringing it back for the anniversary.

These boots were supposed to be all cashmere but in production they switched to a cashmere blend (*sigh*). Nonetheless, they are beautiful. We never had anything at the store like them before their arrival, and we have never had anything like them since.

I actually bought two pairs knowing they would probably never be replicated…and they haven’t.


Trend Report: Mint Green

Green is having a moment. In fact, it has monopolized much of the sartorial spotlight for several years now. Of course, there are always “of-the-moment” shades, but the hue itself has been popular for a while now.


(Photo credit:

In my quite humble opinion, it began with the overnight success of the Chanel jade nail polish that “walked” the runways in the fall of 2009. It literally sold out within days of its debut at department stores. I–for a very brief moment–considered purchasing the shade on eBay for 3 times what it originally cost. Ludicrous, I know.

This past fall, we began to see a lot of teal; it became a sort of microtrend. It wasn’t nearly as popular as Fall 2012’s signature color–oxblood–but we saw a good bit of it. When emerald was announced as Pantone’s color of the year, I was a little surprised because I had already begun to notice another shade of green sprout (pun intended, even though it’s a pretty bad pun) in nearly every spring collection, both in accessories and apparel: mint.


(Photo credit:

It’s as if Anna Wintour sent out a memo announcing she had become bored with the darker teals of the fall, that she wanted a fresher green, more worthy of spring…and everyone followed suit. My suspicions were confirmed when we all went to market in New York a few weeks ago. Everywhere we looked there were mint handbags, mint shoes, mint scarves, mint blouses, mint anoraks.

2013-01-17 17.30.27

Here’s a small sample of the transition from teal to mint that we’ve experienced at The Shoe Hive–more coming soon! While emerald may end up stealing the show later this year, this spring is all about the mint.

Pass the suds.

At 5 AM today, I packed a bag (full of fabulous Shoe Hive resort wear) headed for the Virgin Islands. Now, more than twelve hours later, it appears my bag has a better shot of making it than I do. Well, maybe. Instead of enjoying a glass of shiraz on a porch perched high above the Caribbean, I am bellied up to the bar of a Hooter’s in North Carolina.


Long story. Our 6:30 AM connecting flight to Philadelphia got cancelled, but not until after we’d spent an hour on the runway in Washington, long enough it turns out to have missed every other connecting flight that could have gotten us out of the continental US today. In a moment of desperation, we hopped a plane to Charlotte in hopes of standing by for a full flight to San Juan. My husband swears he had a plan to get us from San Juan to St. John.

I guess I’ll never know.

But my luggage might find out. It is currently sitting in Puerto Rico in airline limbo, unless an enterprising baggage service agent rummages through and finds Tory Burch flip flops or Alexis Bittar jewelry interesting.


Upon realizing we were stuck in the Queen City for a night, I suggested we each come up with one thing to do, knowing full well there is a Tier 1 Neiman’s in town and I am in a justifiable clothing emergency.


(Neiman’s, where I purchased this Rachel Zoe dress. Fashion emergency resolved.)

That’s where Hooter’s comes in: Brad’s idea–for the football of course. But a deal’s a deal, so pass the suds, honey.


ENK Accessorie Circuit: 2013 Accessories Trend Report

On Monday, Elizabeth, Lyndsay and I got up well before dawn and made our way to New York for the ENK Accessorie Circuit. Elizabeth and Lyndsay had 8 hours to select the jewelry, bags and other accessories you will see trickle into The Shoe Hive over the next few months. As a newcomer to this experience, it was both overwhelming and exhilarating. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by piers of jewelry, bags, clothes and shoes?

2013 is going to be the year we attempt to help you make sense of the trends we see at shows, in magazines, on the street and finally at the store. So, while I will post the bulk of the photos of our trip on Facebook, here I wanted to pinpoint a few trends that stood out to us. Some you will find at The Shoe Hive this spring or summer. Others, we chose to pass on.


It seems that oxblood and chartreuse have been replaced with pastels such as lavender and mint. In fact, mint was present in almost every handbag collection we investigated. Even when we embrace a trend at The Shoe Hive, we recognize that not everyone will go for it. So, we included a solid selection of very chic and basic black bags, we restocked on Annabel Ingall bags (both the large and a mid-size now!) and ensured that we had a few great summer totes. We did, however, incorporate pastels in a few of the pieces we purchased. I can’t wait for you to see what we came up with!


IMG_0906To my recollection, we passed on the studs/pyramids/spikes trend even though it was everywhere in both handbags and jewelry. These bags are by Rebecca Minkoff–notice the pastel colors! While we love the trend, it was done not that long ago, and particularly in accessories, we try to offer more timeless pieces. We did just get in a pair of very cute studded shoes for those who want to dabble in the trend again in 2013. If you’re really into the look though, let us know and we can recommend some of our favorites from the show.

Animal Kingdom

IMG_0897Do you remember that incredible Alexis Bittar jaguar cuff we had this fall? Everyone went gaga over it. Well, the trend remains in full force. We picked up a number of new Alexis Bittar animal pieces including a pair of mixed metal jaguar earrings that may need to come home with me. This ring is from a new line we are going to carry: nOir. Good stuff, trust me. Fashion should never be taken too seriously, and these animal pieces are a great way to make any outfit fun and interesting.


IMG_0923While we were making our way quickly through the second pier–mostly apparel–I lingered a little at the Ali Ro set up because, well, it’s Ali Ro. Surprisingly, Elizabeth lingered a little longer. She came up with the genius idea of carrying these classic anoraks in a host of spring and fall colors (notice the mint color again!). This isn’t really a trend per se, but I couldn’t help but share. I’m so excited, you are all going to love them.

In discussing the trends of the day with Elizabeth and Lyndsay, Lyndsay made an important point. While trends permeate most everything about fashion, they are much less distinct with jewelry than with shoes. Every jeweler has his/her schtick. Pono does Italian lucite links. Alexis Bittar has his three signature lines. But there is no high-top wedge sneaker equivalent in jewelry. So, we did our best to select what we think you will love. Looking forward to showing it to all of you in person!