Bathroom Redesign

As many of you know, our bathroom isn’t anything special:

We had intentions of repainting anyway, but given your enthusiasm for a previous Facebook post on the new paint color of our bathroom walls, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to choose the design style of our bathroom upgrade. Please comment and let us know which direction you think we should go.

There is a prize involved. We will first tally the votes for the redesign and obviously go the route you all recommend. However, we will also randomly select a winner amongst all the comments. The winner will receive–appropriately–a Stephanie Johnson makeup bag!

Our first design board is eclectic and clean, inspired by The Shoe Hive’s colors and name. We would paint our walls a buttery yellow–not too bright–with black and white lacquered accents such as a bold mirror, light fixture and towel rack.

Our second design board is classic contemporary in style. The walls would be a warm gray, with natural accents such as a grasscloth mirror and satin nickel hardware. Touches of jade, such as this Jonathan Adler bud vase, would bring color to the small space.

Our final design board is industrial and minimalistic. The walls would get a fresh coat of white paint, a blank canvas for a few select stainless steel accents.

So, which one should we choose?

49 thoughts on “Bathroom Redesign

  1. I love the classic & contemporary style board! I’m a huge fan of gray walls and I think they would be perfect for a bathroom!! Good luck with the redesign I can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  2. Eclectic and Clean does it for me! I think the bold curves of a smilar mirror will pop against soft yellow walls and make a bold yet stylish statement! Can’t wait to see the finished space!

  3. Eclectic and Clean does it for me! I think a similar mirror with bold curves will pop against the yellow walls and make for a bold yet stylish statement. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. I love the warmth of the classic contemporary, especially the grass cloth mirror. But I’m a sucker for the sleek industrial. oh. And I love the clean, warm hive concept behind the first. Not much help, am I? But first instinct is no. 2!

  5. I love the Eclectic and Clean option! The black mirror has so much style and character. I’m a sucker for pale yellow walls, too. Plus, it was inspired by the Shoe Hive brand – perfection! Can’t wait to come in and see it!

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  7. classic contemporary! Its soothing and, I would think it would make people want to linger a little longer bc it would make the shop feel homier. It’s very modern but would probably reach to more people than the other two.

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